Shades Of Eyeshadows


How often have you stood before your makeup stash trying to decide which of your numerous eyeshadows would go with your outfit and how best to coordinate them? Or decide which ones to pack with you for a vacation or a trip out of town?


At Vasanti we often found ourselves flummoxed at taking this decision too. We have our favourites in the Silky Eyeshadow Duos, and our Micronized Silky Eyeshadows come in a range of shades as well, however, decision-making can still be time-consuming!


Our Eye Colour Palettes are an answer to this dilemma. We packed five highly pigmented eyeshadows in each of our three Eye Colour Palettes, complete with a large mirror and a dual sided brush for any looks you may want to create.

Anti-Aging Makeup


Each eyeshadow in these palettes is our signature formula, with a gorgeous buttery texture that delivers true colour results without creasing or fading. You can further boost their longevity by using the All Star 2-in-1 Face & Eye Primer as your base.

A clear favourite with our fans is the Manhattan 24/7 Eye Colour Palette. It travels well, wears beautifully, the shades are perfect for everyday wear and can worn all year long. For times you want to glam up, all you have to do is take one of the darker shades and smoke it out.


We love our Eye Colours!



Back To Work: 4 Productivity Tips


Monday’s here and we are back to another work week. Much as you love the weekends, if you like what you do, you actually look forward to resuming work come Monday morning. However, we have all experienced a ‘down’ time’ when we find productivity slumping. It does not have to hit us mid-week. So we thought of sharing some tips to boost your productivity levels and ward of the ‘slump’ before it hits!


Get Busy

Sometimes all we need is to immerse ourselves in the mundane, routine work that we could probably do half asleep. It is just a matter of getting a start somewhere. So next time you find your mind wandering, instead of getting overwhelmed with the long list of ‘to-do’ items, get started with the most basic of jobs. It could be as simple as rearranging your work space, or sorting through your inbox and replying to emails. Once you get started, it is easier to move onto more complex tasks.


Loosen Up At Lunch!

Those dapper men at Sterling Cooper did get one thing right: it seems that a drink during work hours helps ease a ‘brain-rut’ and inspires creativity. If you are out on a business lunch, take the opportunity to ease up and relax. You will find that you get more ideas out of office environs, sitting at your desk. So make the most of your lunch break, brainstorming session post lunch have a higher success rate for precisely the same reason.


Social Media Reach

As long as you don’t let the social media overwhelm you into active socializing mode, and you can control how much time you spend on social media sites, you will find that checking up on your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, actually sparks more ideas. You could research how your competitors are promoting themselves online and formulate a winning marketing strategy based on that. Or even reach out to your colleagues and collaborate on a new idea! It’s just how you use social media, how much and to what effect.


Block Out The Noise

The internet can be your friend at work, depending on what use you put it to! If you find that there are too many distractions online that lead you to waste time taking inane quizzes to find what city would make you the happiest, consider one of the many apps that can block your access to websites that are a drain on your ‘work time'. There are apps that can help you reorganize your email inbox so you can quickly sift through it and start answering emails in order of priority. This of course would take you to the first tip and you are already on your way to being a more productive you!


Have a happy work week!


Image credit: singkham / 123RF Stock Photo

Friday Fireworks!


There’s something about fireworks that awakens our inner child. Even the most jaded and world-weary of people can forget any and all chips he has on his shoulders when looking at a colourful explosion lighting up the sky.


It’s Friday and that alone should be reason to be extra cheerful today, but we found this video of fireworks videographed from a drone and it made us smile. Imagine being smack in the middle of it all! It’s a whole different perspective, seeing city lights twinkling below, with smoke and a kaleidoscope of colours bursting above it all.


Enjoy this video and the weekend! Happy Friday!


Video: Too Tee

Around The World In Eyeshadows: Purple City


We will be staying closer to home and head westwards to the Prairie Province of Manitoba today. Our Vasanti inspiration of the day is Winnipeg, the capital of Manitoba and Canada’s seventh most populated city.


The city’s name, Winnipeg, means ‘muddy or turbid waters’ in Western Cree. One of the most popular places in the city is The Forks, a bustling tourist hotspot equally loved by locals. This is the meeting point of two mighty rivers in Western Canada, the Red and the Assiniboine.


Winnipeg is a multicultural city, welcoming people from all over the world and the many festivals it hosts year round perfectly capture its spirit.


One of the local legends of Winnipeg is the ‘Purple City’. The Manitoba Legislative Building, a formidable structure in its own right, is lit by bright floodlights. On occasion, and especially after a fresh falling of snow, if one stared at the building for a time, everything in vision turns purple!


We were intrigued by this phenomenon and that inspired us to come up with this lovely Silky Eyeshadow Duo in Purple City. These two complementing shades of purple evoke the joie de vivre of an all-Canadian experience.


On a similar note, we are really thrilled to have made the cover of Glow, Canada’s Beauty Expert magazine. The cover model wears our Silky Eyeshadow Duo in Purple City and does she rock it! Chic Fall/Winter fashion, cozy knits, flawless skin and subtly intriguing eye makeup sets the tone for end of the year in style!




photo credit: noricum via photopin cc & Glow magazine