More Love For Love Brights



At Vasanti we believe in making makeup that adds to the natural radiance and glow of a woman. Our latest launch, Love Brights Gel Matte Lipsticks are strikingly pigmented colours that have the perfect matte finish. These are colours that were chosen because they really brighten up the face, making it come alive!


We’ve been sharing all the reviews and loving comments our fans have for this line and of course there is our very popular giveaway where a lucky girl can win a Love Brights Gel Matte Lipstick shade of the day! (It’s still on, if you want to try your luck, head over here.) 


Blush Pretty is one of the leading beauty boutiques in the GTA, with over 15 talented makeup artists and hairstylists on its roster. These are people who mean business and know what it takes to bring their talents to the next level. Naturally we were chuffed when our Love Brights won over their appreciation.


Here’s what they say about Vasanti:


Recently, the bp blog team got their hands on Vasanti’s new line of lipsticks, the Love Brights Gel Mattes. Offering a variety of bold, matte lip shades that wear comfortably and for a long time, these are an amazing product from an even cooler company – founded by three Canadian women, Vasanti Cosmetics is quickly reaching cult status offering products that add radiance and glow to any woman.


We each snapped a selfie with our gel mattes on and shared a few thoughts on the lipsticks – needless to say, we were a happy bunch of beauty bloggers.


You can read the whole story here, after you see how our new lipsticks wear on the BlushPretty bloggers!






Stay On The Bright Side, Win Some Bright Love


‘Tis the season of giving, caring and sharing, at Vasanti we are getting in the spirit of this festive season.


Our Bright Love Gel Matte Lipsticks have been a hit from the day they launched. With their light as air gel texture, an uber-pigmented formula infused with a luxurious blend of cherry, pomegranate and evening primrose oils, these lipstick shades are on the right side of bright.


The colours promise to suit every complexion so you never have to second guess if any shade of orange, red or hot pink is right for you. What’s more, our matte formula is not drying at all, instead the oils go on to deep conditions lips through-out their most impressive wear time.


Sounds too good to be true, right? That’s why we are giving away a shade of our new Love Brights in the coming days. This contest is open for Vasanti fans in the US, Canada and the UK.


Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to make sure you enter the contest and win yourself some bright lips for the party season!



Can You Spot Vasanti In This TVC? And Another Giveaway!


We are going places, literally!


Our partnership with Birchbox has been a fruitful one and now we are extremely proud to be featured as part of their TV commercials too!


Remember to give us a shout out whenever you see this commercial, they will be running on TV all the way to New Year’s Eve as well as on JetBlue flights!


Did you know that Birchbox has recently landed in Canada? It is also available in the UKFrance and Spain. It means you can try and buy select Vasanti products in these countries! We love going on new adventures, don't you?





And in other news, we've started giving away our new and very popular Love Brights Gel Matte Lipsticks on our social media. Make sure you follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!


Video: BirchboxTV


Become A Morning Person In Five Steps


However excited we may be about a task or the prospects of how the day would unfold, getting up the morning is always the most daunting task. Most of us have a love-hate relationship with our alarms, preferring to hit the snooze button ‘just one more time’ before finally throwing off the covers and getting up. But what if we told you don’t have to battle early morning lethargy, and you can be wide wake and alert in just five minutes?


Entrepreneur has this easy guide on kick-starting your day, raring to go. Here’s how.


Set goals the night before

Instead of thinking how tired you are and how short on sleep you will be on waking up, think of all the things that excite you about tomorrow. Think positive thoughts instead of stressing over an extended to-do list. If you wake up thinking of projects you really want to get done, you’ll find more motivation in getting out of bed and starting the day.


Move away your alarm

Whether it’s your cell phone or an old-fashioned alarm clock that you fancy, just move it across the room. Place it somewhere you will have to get out of bed to reach and hit the snooze button, but of course from where you can hear it go!


It’s getting out of bed that is the hardest part in the mornings. Once you are up to shut off the alarm you might as well move onto step 3.


Brush your teeth

Nothing signals that the day’s started like brushing your teeth. Even if you have to drag yourself to the washroom, do it. And splash some cold water on the face to really wash off the last remains of sleep away!


Drink water

More and more researches and studies are coming out suggesting the importance of drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning. Our bodies get dehydrated as we sleep and loss of water in the body leads to lethargy.  A glass full of water not only replenishes water levels in the body, it is also a good way to boost metabolism.



The final step would be to really get moving and breaking some sweat. Depending on your fitness level, do some exercise. It could be something as simple as 5-10 minutes of jumping jacks, or a full-blown work out. The idea here is to get some cardio in, you’ll find yourself more energized, mentally, physically and emotionally to take on the day.



Have a happy mid-week, and let’s save our snooze’s for the weekend!


Image: alexandralexey / 123RF Stock Photo