Introducing The New Vasanti Eye Smile Mascara

It is said, why fix what’s not broken, but at Vasanti we are all about improvement, getting better till we become the best!


Vasanti fans have loved our original mascara formulation, the Conditioning Long Lash Mascara, for its fuss-free application. However, we did even better with our latest product!


Introducing Eye Smile, the mascara that makes you the centre of attention with eyes that dazzle and smile!


So what makes it so good? We have packed it with ingredients that are proven to be effective and non-irritating to sensitive eyes.


Panthenol is known for strengthening, hydrolyzed silk proteins repair while meadowfoam seed oil and shea butter moisturize and deep condition the lashes. It’s not just a coat of pigment on the lashes, you are getting added benefits.


The formula is jet black, one of the truest blacks in the market so lashes get a va-va-voom treatment instantly. And don’t worry, it is a smudge-proof, flake-free and water resistant tube of magic that defines, thickens, separates and lengthens eye lashes in one easy coat. Our mascara wand makes for an easier application too. It is a specially shaped hollow fiber brush to separate lashes, grabbing each lash from top to bottom and coating it in our luxe formula.


So go on, apply some Eye Smile Mascara and let your eyes smile away the night. The weekend just got better!

Best Moments Of A Lazy Day


Sometimes the work week doesn’t seem to pass by soon enough. We are too tired, too sleep deprived, and by the time Thursday rolls in, often beyond a point where we may care about appearances. Let’s admit, the most put-together among us want to do some of these things mid-week!


If calling in sick is not an option, will you be brave enough to express your inner sloth this way? A girl can dream though, right?


Smile on and be brave ladies, Friday is not far!




Have A Bright Monday!


Weekends are always too short. We save up a long list of to-do’s for a mere two days off work and more often than not we find ourselves more tired than we were when the weekend began! One of our favourite tricks to appear more awake, rested and bright on a Monday morning is to put on our brightest lip and say Good Morning Monday!


We love luxe packaging, uber-pigmented formula with lip-conditioning ingredients and a variety of finishes to suit our mood! At Vasanti, we like formulating colours that take away the guess work of figuring out what will suit your complexion. Every colour is a sure winner, selected to flatter every complexion, because #ILoveMyColour #ILoveMyGlow


Before swiping on a bright colour, make sure that your lips are well prepped. Conquer 3-in-1 Lip Treatment is a multi-purpose tube you can use to deep condition the lips and plump up the dryness and fine lines. It can also serve as a handy lip balm to throw in your makeup bag, or at the end of the day, to wipe away lip makeup.


Now let’s talk bright lips and no talk can be complete without mentioning our latest launch, Love Brights Gel Matte Lipsticks. Formulated with luxury oil, cherry and evening primrose, the formula is a cool gel instead of the usual waxy, drying matte one. It delivers a punch of colour in one go and lasts for a long time.

Our Ultra Luxe Lipsticks with Peptide Technology are infused with active peptides,  mango seed and pomegranate oils, to help plump up, hydrate and smooth lips. You can choose from a range of shades, from bright ones, like Trini Love, a bright orange, or Hot Brit, a lovely shade of fuschia.


Soft Finish Matte Lipsticks are formulated with anti-oxidants to deliver a soft and matte finish for comfortable wear time. While Canada is a version of this year’s Pantone Colour Marsala, USA is one of our bestsellers with its vibrant, rich matte red finish.

And finally there is no other glossy top coat as intense as our Vitamin E Infused Lipshines.


This gorgeous formula does not cake, is not a gloopy mess on the lips but delivers high shine and glossy lips in twenty two different colours. Use it on its own, or top off another lipstick to really glam it up, you are certain to find your shade in the range.


Whatever bright, natural or nude lip you choose, remember to smile. There’s nothing like a smile to make you look instantly fabulous and bright.


Have a nice Monday!

Social Media Bonding Is Good, Ladies!


The social media has been coming under the fire quite often recently. Every other week, it seems, there is a new study out telling us how family dynamics have been altered and how stressful keeping tabs on our social media can get. A study went as far as to suggest that taking one too many selfies is actually a psychological disease! Women fare better than men though. Researchers at Ohio State University suggested that men who pose for more selfies are more likely to display anti-social, psychopathic traits.


Another study puts women at an advantage again. According to the PEW Research Internet Project:


Overall, women tend to report more stress than men. But, those women who use a number of digital technologies to communicate with others tend to report less stress than women who do not use these technologies.


Women are more aware of stressful events in the lives of their closest friends and family.


Basically it proves what we’ve known for a long time, women rely on a support system, even if it’s virtual, to feel better about themselves. Interconnectedness and sisterhood fosters a sense of well-being, just as sharing any stressful event in their lives on social media is cathartic. Of course it has a downside, in the fact that knowing about stress in their friends’ circle manifests itself in their sense of well-being as well. The study labels it as ‘cost of sharing.’


The study was conducted on 1801 individuals quizzed on how they used the social media. They were later asked to respond to the Perceived Stress Scale (PSS) survey taking into account their feelings in the month past. 


So share away your good moments ladies, let's share some cheer and cheer each other on!


Have a great weekend!


Image: 123RF