100 Years Of Being Fit!


Remember the time we shared how an ideal woman’s silhouette had evolved over the centuries?


Well, you can’t get that ideal ‘body’ without putting in some work, and women have been partaking in one form of exercise or another al through to our times to get and stay fit.


Benenden is a UK based health care provider behind this ‘hard-working’ video. They also have a very detailed timeline of how work outs and fitness fads have changed through the centuries.


The 1910s and 1920s saw stretches are a popularly accepted form of getting some exercise and a means of staying fit.


In the 1930s Women’s League of Health and Beauty popularized group exercises consisting of lifts, jumps and synchronized mass formations. The movement started in Britain and gradually found a ‘footing’ in other parts of the world.


Come 1940s, as the ideal body shape got more curvy, exercises shifted focus too. Now it was more about getting physically attractive than fitness.


1950s were the era of Hula Hoops. It was a tough balancing act and helped the body become more balanced as it burned some calories. It was also as popular with the kids as adults!


By 1960s, as waifish figures became more desirable, trimming off fat and twisting into shape got more popular.


1970s saw Jazzercise define fitness. A mix of jazz dancing and aerobic exercise, this was designed to engage the whole body and make it more flexible. It makes sense, the founder of Jazzercise was a Broadway professional.


It’s not easy to miss 1980s, in terms of appearances as well as keeping up appearances. Big hair, leotards, leggings and leg warmers, aerobics were all the rage, made even more popular when big names like Jane Fonda made fitness videos one could play and work out to in the confines of their homes.


While 1990s were the era of supermodels, it wasn’t supermodels who capitalized on their sharing their fitness secrets with the world. By this time Tae Bo, a mix of boxing and Asian martial arts, Taekwondo, was gaining more followers, buoyed by videos and later gyms that offered kick-boxing classes, a calories burning session that combined boxing with intense cardio.


The 2000s were when you could dance your way to fitness, bringing us to 2010s when Zumba is the way to stay trendy, hip and fit!


Whew! That’s a whole lot of talking fitness! Whether you stay indoors or prefer to get some fresh air as you walk/jog/run, remember it’s important to stay active to stay fit!


Happy Monday, Vasanti fans! 


Video: Youtube/BenendenHealth

Bring In Some Spring, Easy DIY Ideas


We love talking about weather and how it`s been a long, cold winter, right? Well, it does look like Spring is slowly marking its arrival and we can not wait to shed all the bulky layers we had on ourselves to ward off the cold!

Nothing is more disappointing when Spring loses its fight to the cold on a weekend. Luckily we came across some very Spring-y DIY ideas that can us bring some colours of the nature indoors and perk up our moods and our livings spaces!


Cuppa Cress

For those of us with a green thumb, this is one easy but really cute DIY.

Wouldn’t greens sprouting out of these lift your mood?


Sconce some flowers

Simple and ethereal, this DIY is romantic and brings Spring right into your home!


There will be flowers blossoming soon and that is when you can shape up these sconces to display an assortment of fresh blooms around the house.  Vases are so last year!


Bottled up

Another variation and just as easy, rescue some bottles from the recycling, paint and scuff them a little to add character. Voila! Shabby chic flower bottles!


Moss avoids mess

A moss mat and some cork coasters will make you a small patch of green to place your drinks on!


Green around the neck

How cute is this DIY neckpiece?


Magnetic makeup


Not feeling all that floral? Then this DIY will help you in spring cleaning your makeup stash and organize/display it better. Who knew, some hot glue, magnets and a metal sheet can actually save valuable space on your vanity, AND make a really great wall display!


See more ideas here.


We do suggest that you head outdoors and take in some nature. If you are indoors though, will you attempt any of these DIY's? Which one are you most likely to attempt? Honestly we think it is high time we organize and show off our Vasanti Cosmetics stash!


Images: 123RF, Crafts by Wilma, Style Me Pretty, Simple Daisy, Sincerely, Kinsey, Momnivore's Dilemma

Pout It Out! Will You Overline Your Lips?

Love 'em, hate 'em, no one can deny the impact of Kardashians on makeup trends these days. Whether it is their highlightlighting/contouring routine, Kim K going blonde or Kylie Jenner's overdrawn lips, all it takes is one quick look through a beautybloggers Instagram feed and you will find at least ten Kardashian/Jenner hashtags!


There are innumerable tutorials online if you are looking to get 'pouty' à la  Jenner. Sadly, however, not everyone has the makeup dexterity to execute the perfect 'overlined' lips, which is why this BuzzFeed video was hilarious! We can all say that we tried!


On our part, we like to leave any lip plumping action to our lipsticks and lipshines. Our Ultra Luxe Lipsticks are enriched with peptides and botanical ingredients that plump up the lip naturally. It's your own pout but better!


For matte lips, as favoured these days, we have some bright sahdes in Love Brights Gel Matte Lipsticks, with skin conditioning ingredients like Cherry, Pomegranate and Evening Primrose oils to hydrate lips.


And if you want an uber glossy pout but fear of a gloopy mess keeps you away from lip gloss, we have our Vitamin E infused Lipshines. These hard-working glosses pack in all the shine of the best performing lip gloss but without the sticky texture of one! 



Video: Youtube/BuzzFeed

Powder Up, A Flawless Face Base

One of our first products, Face Base Powder Foundation was a labour of love for Vasanti founders. When existing base products made their complexion look ashy instead of perfected and radiant, they decided to fix the issue and start their own line of beauty products that would work with everyone`s complexion, skin tones and types.


What made Face Base Powder Foundation stand out from the rest was that it contains no titanium dioxide that left the skin look and feel chalky. Instead non-toxic boron nitride was used to make it easy to blend into the skin. A little tweaking of mineral pigments yielded just the kind of compact make up to even out the skin tone without looking made up.


Face Base remains one of Vasanti`s bestsellers to this day, as customers love its oil-free satin finish and the ease of use it offers. It is oil-free and regulates sebum, with warmer weather coming up ahead, this is one thing to have in your bag at all times.


With 15 shades to choose from, ranging from fair-light in V1 to a deep rich in V15, it is the right amount of coverage, gently evening out the complexion without weighing down on the skin.


It is extremely light-weight with a silky smooth texture and it packs a punch so you can build it up from a sheer dusting of powder to a fuller coverage foundation.

What we love about Face Base is that it can afford us some extra snoozes on Monday mornings. On days when we definitely run late and putting on some makeup seems like an extra step in the rushed routine, this little compact becomes our saviour. We just swipe on some powder on the face and watch as all signs of fatigue and tiredness are blurred away!


Some bright lipstick and we feel more confident to take on the work week!