DIYs For Summer Ready Feet

It's a short summer that we have here, but when this lovely weather does come around, we like to go all out and make the best of it! 


Sandals are a summer staple, and despite knowing that they'd be unworn most of the year, we still love shopping around for more footwear! Instead of spending more time at  the mall, today we thought of looking up some inspirations to DIY some styles and make our very own style statement!

Get fringed

Fringe is a huge summer trend this year and this DIY does require some expert crafting skills. However the results really make one swanky pair, don't they?


An old pair of sandals, some leather, glue and velcro and a stgep-by-step on Sincerely, Kinsey will give you this pair! Wear them with jeans, shorts or culottes and take charge of the fringe trend.



If you have another pair of sumemr sandals in need of some TLC, this is a very easy DIY. Just glue some jewels onto the straps and you have brand new footwear! 


This DIY on Papery & Cakery calls for some spray paint action as well, but it's totally up to you how much bling you like. 



Take a bow

We just fell in love with the sleek and polished look of these bow heels over at Swell Mayde. Can you believe that it is a DIY? We can see ourselves walking down the street in these heels most summer evenings! 


Roped in!

And finally, a DIY approved by Vogue Australia! A Pair and A Spare is easily one of the queens of style DIY's and this uber-cool rope knotted pair of heels is exceptionally fashion forward! 


You don't have to attempt this on heels, we're certain it would look equally fetching on flats…but doesn't this make you want to get some rope and glue right away?



Images: Sincerely, Kinsey, Papery & Cakery, Swell Mayde, Vogue Australia.

Stress Relief With Super Foods!


Deadlines, work-related stress, last moment change of plans that can go anyway, life is full of moments that shoot our anxiety levels through the roof. It is at times like these that all our diet plans and resolve to eat healthy dissolves into nothingness at the first sight of a sugar-laden ‘comfort’ food. Today we have a list of superfoods that not only taste good, but are easy to eat as you work.



Berries, especially blueberries are full of anti-oxidants and phytonutrients that help bolster the body’s defence mechanism. Stress weakens the body’s natural immune system making you more susceptible to illness. A bowl of berries is a good and refreshing way to make sure you stay strong, sated and can complete your projects on time.


Dairy Products

The health of bacteria in your gut is also a good indicator how much stress affects your health and well-being. Yogurt rich in probiotics helps maintain optimum gut health.


And milk, a glass of cold Vitamin D fortified milk is soothing to the body, and the brain calms down too. Studies have shown that sufficient level of this vitamin in our bodies is a key factor in reducing risk of panic disorder.



We all want to reach for that decadent looking cupcake or double chocolate donut when there’s a deadline looming large over our heads. If you really crave a baked goodie, opt for an oatmeal cookie or cupcake. Complex carbs, found in oats, can help with serotonin production in the brain, to ward of anxiety and depression, without adding to your blood glucose levels.


Seeds and nuts

Sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, pistachios and cashew nut, are all healthy and easy to munch on snacks that also ward of signs of stress.


Seeds are full of natural minerals that help us regulate our emotions. Magnesium, found in seeds as well as leafy vegetables can help with warding off fatigue and depression. It is also very helpful for PMS symptoms.


Similarly nuts like pistachios and cashews not only help with maintaining your heart’s health, but help with stress levels as well. The very act of cracking open a pistachio pod and then popping it in your mouth has a calming effect, with the added bonus of these green nuts being rich in phytonutrients to fight off free radicals, lower blood pressure and regulate heart rates.


Cashews are a great source of zinc, another mineral known for its ability to help us reduce anxiety and help us focus more on tasks. And they are also rich in omega-3 and proteins and make a great tasting snack.

Dark chocolate

No list of foods to fight off stress can be complete without the mention of our favourite snack and ultimate dietary sin! While the usual milk chocolate and other cocoa laden treats are the kind of indulgence most nutritionists and dentists would shudder at the thought off, research has found that dark chocolate with at least 70% of cocoa content is actually good for helping you relieve stress. The key of course is exercising moderation, not munching down the whole bar!


Research has shown dark chocolate to improve blood circulation and lower blood pressure by helping the blood vessels to relax. And dark chocolate is also known to trigger that feeling of ultimate happiness most people equate with love! Love in a choco-bite, we say yes and yes!


Read through the whole list of stress-busting foods on Health here.


Images: FreeImages

Get Summer Ready With Birchbox Canada + Best Health


One of the most buzzed about news in beauty circles late last year was Birchbox’s arrival in Canada. Our partners south of the border were not only the forerunners in subscription box trend, they continued their streak of success with a store presence in NYC last year, and each month Birchbox subscribers can look forward to a specially curated selection of samples based on their beauty profiles.


For the upcoming month of July, Birchbox Canada has partnered with Best Health magazine to do a ‘box takeover’ for the month. As one of Canada’s premier beauty, healthy and lifestyle magazines, Best Health has been on the forefront for reporting trends and the many inspiration readings it offers to its readers.


The box is all about getting ready for summers, getting luminous skin that is aglow with health and vitality, makeup that can survive a heatwave or two and hair that can remain frizz-free through these months.


We are proud to be one of the brands to select in this special box! We have always loved the clean, sleek lines of a Birchbox; the box itself is always different each month, not only in what it contains within but also how beautiful it looks! It’s nice being in such pretty a company!


Are you ready for summers? Are you already a subscriber of do you plan on getting a subscription? Hurry and get yours today for ‘the’ products to get you prettier and just about summer ready. 

Conquer Your Fears And Talk In Public


Who here is absolutely mortified at the thought of speaking in public? For some odd reason, the most put-together among us can turn into a nerve wreck at the thought of giving out a presentation. It could be a class presentation, talking on a topic in front of our classmates or it could be one at work where we’d be speaking to a group of our own colleagues we interact with on a daily basis. Standing out at the front with everyone’s eyes on us can leave with a dry throat, a wobbly voice, or hands that simply can’t stop shaking!


How do you conquer your fears?


The one and only way to do it is to practice, practice, practice. Look in the mirror and give yourself a pep talk.


Prepare a kick-ass presentation and speech to go with it and let your content do the talking.


Reading off a script in your own practice sessions can have the presentation imprinted on your mind and you can get away with some cue cards in your hands when you present on the actual date. It gives your shaky hands something to hand onto, and you the confidence that even if you forget something mid-speech, you can look down to your cards.


Practice making eye contact in front of the mirror, present to yourself first. Find the friendliest faces in the crowd and look at them. 


Dress the part. It is true that how we look gives us an extra confidence boost. So on the day of the presentation, dress up smart, in clothes you know look really good on you. For women, makeup is another confidence booster. A light dusting of powder foundation makes sure that you don’t sweat excessively due to nervousness. A swipe of a flattering lip colour can also do wonders to perk up an otherwise fearful face.


And lastly, remember that the crowd is here to listen to you. And you have been selected to stand in front of all those people and you can do it!


Have a happy start to the week, every one. May your Mondays be short and your confidence levels remain high all through your work weeks!


Video: Youtube/BuzzFeedViolet