Colour Along The Lines



Think eyeliner and the first thing that springs to mind is the cat eye, traced with utmost precision and a black liner. Black is the most obvious choice in liners and for that very reason, can be a bland one.


If you are looking to spike up things in the eye-lining department and want to experiment with eye-defining looks, we have some choice treats for you.


Did you know that Vasanti’s Kajal Extreme Intense Eyeliner Pencil comes in three different colours that are sure to add drama and depth to all eye colours? We are not counting black as a colour in this discussion.


These pencils are intensely pigmented, so the colour pay-off is amazing. The colour you see is the colour you get. Secondly, they are super-creamy so they won’t tug on delicate skin around the eyes. However the formula sets to a long-lasting finish. You can smudge it for a smokier look around the eyes, then wait some seconds for it to set, this is one layer of colour that is not straying away!


Our Kajal Eyeliners are infused with Vitamin E to deliver conditioning benefits throughout their 8 hours of wear time. Another worry taken care of.


Charcoal Brown

If you want to ditch the stark black, but are not yet ready for colour, Charcoal Brown is a safe bet for you. It is a high-intensity, rich brown that will not fade. The colour is designed to make your own eye colour stand out and add richness to it. Most flattering we say.


You can line just the upper lashline for a subtle look, or line all around the eyes and then smudge it with the clever smudge tool at the other end of the pencil for a more lived-in look.





Purple Gem

A rich, jewel-toned purple, this Kajal Extreme Eyeliner Pencil rocked a look done by our featured make up artist Vicky Mina.


See the drama and glamour it adds around the eyes? That’s what we are talking about.



To keep things simpler for day time looks, you can dot the liner around your upper and lower lashlines and then smudge them together, for just a whisper of colour around the eyes. Très chic!


Electric Navy

And finally our star that has seen action at the New York Fashion Week. Electric Navy featured prominently at Cynthia Rowley’s show this February. As models strutted down the ramp, they had a meticulous cat-eye drawn with our snazzy blue liner. It is one product to get your hands on, for Fall 2014, we tell you.


The colour is universally flattering on all skin tones, it enlivens the eyes, bringing back colour on the face. Adrien Pinault, lead make up artist from Birchbox used it to really 'emphasize the eyes' and make them pop. 










Spring Clean Your Make Up Bag

Did you know that all beauty and skincare products have a shelf life? We take such care when it comes to things that we eat, and not enough attention to what we put on our skin.


Even products that just sit on the skin can go bad and rancid, thus causing an adverse reaction.  Think hives, rashes, blemishes, pimples and in case of eye products, infections, and pink eye. Ouch!


We like to spring clean our living places, let’s go through our beauty bags and vanities as well, to decide what to chuck out and what to keep.


Liquid Foundation and Concealer

Once you have opened your bottle or tube of liquid foundation, it is best to use it within six months, up to a year tops. Don’t wait for it to separate or go bad. Almost all liquid foundations are water based, and thus the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. As it is, our complexion experiences a change in colour through the seasons and we have to update foundations for the right match.


Same goes for liquid concealers. A year at the most, and it is time to get a new concealer.


One of the reasons we love Vasanti’s Liquid Cover up is its multi-tasking abilities and its small size. As an oil-free squeeze tube, its sleek packaging minimizes the product getting contaminated by air-borne bacteria, and you get the best value for your money. It is light-weight but perfectly pigmented to suit a range of complexions, so you will easily have used up your tube well before its best-before date.


Powder Products

Any powder product is safe to use for up to three years. Quite a shelf life. When you take liquids, mainly water, away from product formulations, you are increasing its shelf life. However, industry experts do suggest that you look up the ingredients list. Some formulations are made as hydrating and moisturizing ones and that means including some form of liquid in its formula. Keep a close eye on such beauty products and discard at the first sign of it going bad. You don’t want to risk any skin infection just because you did not want to part with your best beauty product.


These long-lasting make up items include powder foundations, loose and pressed powder, as well as your preferred shade of blush.


Vasanti’s Face Base Powder Foundation is star performer that will keep you keep you looking flawless for quite some years. Since the formula is free of any liquid, it has a very long shelf life.  There is shade to suit every complexion, it brightens and moisturizes while giving you an even skin tone with the most natural finish. Love that lasts years!



This staple in every make up bag should not be used for longer than three months once opened. For one, it is exposed to air every time you use it, meaning it collects dust and germs from the environment. Secondly it is likely to dry out sooner and you will end up with clumpy lashes. Not worth the hassle, or the risk of an eye infection.


Eye Shadows

Whether cream or powder, anything coming in close contact with the eyes has to be monitored very carefully. If you are so loath to part with a favourite palette of yours, make sure you always cleanse your eye brushes before and after every time you are done with your make up. Every single time. Else, out go your eye products every six months!


Eye Liners

Typically pencils have a longer shelf life than liquid or gel based eye liners. Since you can sharpen an eye pencil and get rid of the grime-ridden part of it, a pencil eye liner can last a long time.


Liquid eye liners, on the other hand, have the same shelf life of a mascara. Three months. Then it is time to go shopping again.


Lipsticks and gloss

Whatever its finish, a lipstick lasts for a good two to three years. Then you will find that it applies patchy, its finish is not what it used to be, or worst case scenario, it separates and smells bad.


Glosses have a shorter shelf life than lipsticks or lip liner pencils, again because they are liquid. You can keep using your lip defining pencils for a long time, sharpen it and it is new again, but remember to invest in a new gloss every year at the most.


Make Up Brushes

Invest in quality make up tools and you will find joy and ease in make up application every single time. A good brush, whether synthetic or with natural bristles, is key to looking picture perfect every time. However if you are lax about taking proper care of them and don’t deep clean them regularly, they are guaranteed to give a bout of bad skin.


Make up brushes last years, but you have to be diligent in keeping them clean. Wash them after every use – Yes, every use – if you love your clear skin, and want to prolong the life of your favourite make up products that you swirl these brushes into regularly.


At Vasanti we take our make up tools very seriously, which is why you will find our professional make up brushes to deliver great results without fail. 


Happiness Is: Antiquated Technology

To bring you some long weekend cheer and smiles, here's a video that has gone viral in the past week.


The Fine Brothers are a Los Angeles based film-maker duo, who have their own channel on youtube. Some days ago they uploaded a very cute video on their channel with a simple title: Kids React To Walkmans. 


Walkman, a Sony – Japan invention was a huge deal back in the eighties. It allowed music lovers to enjoy their favourite music on the go, hence the name, Walkman. We have a whole generation of netizens, who would remember that cassette player and headsets to go with it.


Today's kids, on the other hand, want everything simple, easy, small but loaded. It is humbling how far we have come in technological advancements in just a generation. And of course those who have appreciated the joy of a walkman feel utterly old and antique when watching this video. We say is it a must-watch for how the kids react to it, their guesses on what it could be and how it could functions. 


Watch their hilarious reactions in this video and see pop culture references from an adorable six year old!


You are guaranteed to LOL. We know we did!


Have a lovely long weekend, everyone!



Video Credit: Youtube/TheFineBros


Happiness is is a regular feature on our blog where we post things that make us laugh, that inspire us and that generally just brighten our day. We hope to brighten yours too! 

Around The World In Eye Shadows: Ellora Caves

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons


Our destination today is in the heart of western India, near Aurungabad, Maharashtra.


Ellora Caves, dating back to 600 – 1000, are an architectural marvel, capturing the spirit of religious harmony practiced by the natives of ancient India. The site was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1983.


These caves were monasteries and temples hewn into the face of cliffs, as places for meditation and worship by people of Buddhist, Hindu and Jain faiths. Totalling 34, the caves are clustered together, from south to north, extending over 2 kilometres.


UNESCO describes the Buddhist caves to be one of the earliest, starting from the south, when Buddhists started carving their monasteries and living quarters for monks into face of a high basalt cliff.


Buddhist ‘caves’ total 12, these are believed to date from 600 -800. There are ten monasteries and one big temple in the Buddhist series of Ellora Caves. Cave 10, the most famous of these caves, is known as the ‘Visvakarma’ or the ‘Carpenter’s Cave.’ It boasts a multi-storey entrance and a 15 foot statue of a Buddha in preaching pose.


Next in series and antiquity are the Hindu or Brahmin caves, dating from 600 – 900. While the Buddhist caves are mostly simplistic in their decor, these Brahmin caves are ornate, with rich imageries and carvings depicting Brahmin/Hindu faith. These total 17 in number, of which cave 16 is notable as the very centre of Ellora Caves. Known as Kailasa, it is named after the abode of Hindu god Shiva in Kailas range, Himalayas. The elaborate work and craftsmanship apparent in this temple is the result of meticulous labour spanning generations.


Last of the Ellora Caves, the Jain ones total 5 in number and date from 800 – 1000, drawings inspirations from their older neighbouring caves. These caves were built as sanctuaries, to reflect the simplistic way of life practiced by the Digambara sect of Jain faith. However they do feature intricate details in their art work and sculptures. Cave 32, the ‘Indra Sabha’ with a lotus flower as a notable motif on its ceiling, is one of the more decorated of Jain caves at Ellora.


At Vasanti we found the history of peace, ageless tranquility and attention to detail at Ellora Caves to be worthy of celebration in colour. Our ode to this World Heritage Site is as a Silky Eye Shadow Duo, a timeless, subtly glamorous combination of metallic warm chocolate and shimmery beige brown.


Like all Vasanti’s eyeshadows, these are true to colour, apply and blend like a dream, and stay crease-free, fade-free for hours, defying time. Much like the caves they have been named for!



Want an easy way to wear the duo? Here is a ‘how-to’ done by make up artist Vicky Mina. The result is elegance, understated glamour and a look that is as appropriate for day as it is for a night out.