13 Steps To Finding Your Happy Place With People

Humans are social beings. Much as we like the occasional ‘alone’ time, truth is, our mental and physical well-being depends on how we fare in our relationships. A person who is well-loved, able to reciprocate that affection, and surrounded by people who care for him enjoys a peace of mind and quality of life better than one who struggles at maintaining a healthy relationship.


While we are all different in how we deal with life and people around us, one has to make an effort in relationships; it could be familial bonds, friendships, colleagues at work or love life. Just being in a situation does not warrant the love and affection of those around us, there are certain habits and steps we can all follow to actively pursue a happier, more well-connected life.


We found these 13 steps to better relationships by Meg Selig, author of Changepower! 37 Secrets to Habit Change Success and a blogger at Psychology Today.  Many of these are common sense, but often ignored in our daily lives, read through this enlightening check-list and let us know which ones spoke to you the most. 


1. Make the conscious decision to put your relationship health at or near the top of your priority list.

2. Assess the relationship area that needs work and set a specific goal. 

3.  Set standards. 

4.  Observe character. 

5. When your friends are happy, be happy for them. 

6.  Apologize when you’ve been wrong. 

7. Ask for what you need in the relationship.

8.  Be able to say NO when your friends’ requests interfere with your own values and goals. 

9.  Use negative feelings—such as resentment, sadness, and annoyance—as clues that you might need to change either yourself or something in the relationship. 

10.  Say thank you. 

11.  See a therapist. 

12.  Don’t put all your relationship eggs in one basket.

13.  You decide! What else could go on your list?

To A Tea


Monday mornings we like to look for inspirations, like this day we found this selection of tea-riffic recipes!


A Bit of mint

Boiling, steeping and a bit of mixing will yield this refreshing pot of Moroccan Mint Tea. You can also try a green tea variation of this tea for added detox benefits.

Masala Chai

Add some spice to your tea. Chai is a hot milk and tea concoction from the Indian sun-continent, and this spicy beverage hits just the right notes to wake up your senses.

Turmeric Detox Tea

A morning dose of this anti-oxidant laden tea will not only start your day on a good note, turmeric, ginger and cinnamon will also give a morning boost will lasting effects all through the day. You’ll have to develop a taste for it too, this ‘tisane’ will take some getting used to.


Turmeric is also one of our star ingredients that makes our popular Flash Effect Loose Powder Radiance

Thai Iced Tea

An exotic twist on classic ‘chai,’ ice and coconut milk paired with regular black tea, this Thai Iced Tea recipe makes us want to gather these things right away and mix it up!

Orange Iced Tea

Lemon makes a great pairing with steeped black or green tea, but substitute with some orange slices and vanilla extract and serve over ice to get this citrusy sweet tea.

Do you love tea or are you a coffee person? Which of these recipes will you try this week?


Images: Honestly Yum, Dr. Karen Lee, Into The Gloss, White On Rice Couple, Living Chic On The Cheap.

Age Is Only A Number, Own It

age in only a number, ageing well

Everyone insists that age is just a number, at the same time everyone wants to delay the onset of old age as well, be it physical or mental. At Vasanti, we believe in believing in ourselves and for us, Age Is Only A Number.  We all want to look younger than we are, such vanity is human nature, however we need to realise that ageing well goes much more beyond looks. To age well, and gracefully, you have to have a whole anti-ageing regimen, what you eat, how you live as well as your mind-set. We found this seven habits of people who age well article on Real Simple to be quite relevant and most importantly, easy to follow.

Think well to age well

You are what you think, if you think you are wiser at 50, you’d be more satisfied with your life than someone who thinks that life stops being interesting at the same age. Think good to feel good about your age, it really is nothing but a number and the only thing stopping your from doing anything in your life is you…not the YOB on your birth certificate!

You are what you eat

This one is a no-brainer. A healthy, more wholesome diet means you are equipping your body to fight off the ravages of age and advancing years. A diet rich in greens and fruits, whole grains and lean protein not only aids your body in fighting off diseases, it also bolsters the body’s ability to regenerate and heal itself for longer. On the other hand, a sugar-laden, calorie-rich, fast food diet will only have you at the doctor’s office more, and do a number on your looks as well.

Portion control

We all need food, but food should not become the reason we live. More and more, medical research shows that overeating can affect your life longevity and health. Controlling how much we eat, and of what will take you a longer and more healthier way in life.

Get moving

Ageing should not mean we cannot or should not exercise. A good workout routine, or an exercise regimen suited to you age and health can actually help you age well both physically and mentally. You work on maintaining a healthier muscle mass so you can be active, it strengthens your vital organs and keeps the body in optimum working condition too.


Working out also strengthens the hippocampus, the ‘learning’ part of our brain. It is also a good idea to keep your mind active by thinking positive and doing some mental exercises to keep your mind agile.

Get social

Love really does help us live longer. Studies have shown that those of us who have a cozy friends’ and family circle have up to 50 percent more chances of living longer. And it’s going to be a life well-lived because you are well loved. So work on forging strong, meaningful ties with people around you, surround yourself with people you love.


And looks. We all need more sunshine in our lives, but with the sun come its rays that can wreak havoc on our skins. We’re not just talking tans, but temporary skin problems like sun burns and long-term harm done as pre-mature wrinkles and skin cancer as well. Wear sun protection every time you are out in the sun, irrespective of the season. UVA and UVB sunrays don’t follow our seasonal calendars, there’s no summer or winter for them and there’s no reason you should skip on the SPF when you are going to be out and about during the day.


Our bodies need some time to regenerate. While we sleep, our bodies release growth hormones to keep our skin looking youthful and supple. A full night’s sleep also gives our brains enough rest to deal with the vagaries and stress of everyday lives. While beauty products can help you achieve that well-rested look, there’s a limit to what they can do; you still need to rest for anything to work its magic on you. The world does not stop spinning when you lie down, but it’s going to look a whole lot friendlier and livable when you wake up after giving yourself a ‘real’ rest you deserve.


And it’s a Monday, and there’s no better time to start these habits like the start of the week!


Trend Alert: Lace It Out


Not just for wedding dresses, and not necessarily in variations of white, we love the romantic feelings lace evokes. This summer, couture, high-end and main street brands have upped their lace game, giving us a variety of dresses, shirt dresses and blouses for us to flirt away the summers in


Belted, fit n flare, sleeveless, shifts, full sleeved dresses, tunics, shirtdresses, blouses and even skirts in lace, and in a hue of colours, this summer trend makes us want to go shopping right away!