Watch These Kids Try To Find Their Mothers


There are certain things in life that we all take for granted, a mother’s love for instance. We all know it as a fact that Moms love us unconditionally, they are there for us at all times and circumstances. The hours they keep, the efforts they put in to raise us and their constant worrying over our well-being makes for many an emotional video. How can it be that all that love is not reciprocated? This Mother’s Day we came upon this sweet video that shows that children can identify their mothers just by their senses.


This video got us teary-eyed, we bet it’ll stir some strings in your heart too!


A group of children, blind-folded, they stumble forward, but they know who their mom is in a lineup of moms. Little hands feeling facial features and trying to identify the most important person in their life…and the moment of truth when they take off the blindfold and see who they have hugged…it doesn’t get any better than this!


This video was made by Pandora as part of their Mother’s Day advertising and we say…these few minutes were unforgettable moments for us too!


Video: Youtube/TheOfficialPandora

Powder Up For Summer

When the days start getting warmer and sunnier, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Not sun protection, hopefully. While you should be very particular about sun protection in the summer months, it is important that you apply sun screen all year round whenever you’ll be out in the sun. Those UV rays don’t take seasonal breaks!


Today we’ll be talking about perfecting your complexion for the months ahead when it tends to get warm, and humid. Summer is the time we like to go light and that applies to makeup as well.


Like always we, suggest you put on your sun screen on all exposed parts of the body before you head out. Next, it’s time to powder up and even out your complexion.


We like a light powder base for summer since it controls oiliness on the face and keeps our faces and makeup looking fresh. Our two picks are the Vasanti Face Base Oil-free Powder Foundation and Flash Effect Loose Powder Radiance.


Face Base Oil-free Powder Foundation has been one of the first products that we launched and it is still one of our best-sellers. Formulated with mineral pigments, it wears very lightly on the skin but is a champion in evening out the complexion. It’s oil-free but does not feel drying or flakey. Instead our finely milled formula blends into the skin to give you a naturally perfected finish. You won’t feel like you have makeup on, and on-lookers will not realize you have makeup on! It would be your own skin, but better!


With shades ranging from very light to a delicious deep, you’ll find your perfect match in our range for sure.


For an even lighter coverage, you simply cannot go wrong with our Flash Effect Loose Powder Radiance. This one is a winning formula that combines the antioxidant powers of green tea and turmeric with brightening pigments so you look radiant and aglow any time of the day!

Flash Effect Loose Powder Radiance is a light veil of illuminating powder that you can apply on its own or on top of our liquid or powder foundation for more coverage. It blurs imperfections and gives you a flattering Instagram ‘filter’ IRL. We all want that, right?


Stay glowing and fabulous, Vasanti fans. And enjoy a warm, sunny weekend ahead!


Image: 123RF

The Wonders Of Coconut Oil, A Real Multi-tasker

coconut oil uses


We can easily say that we are living in the days of oils. Natural oils are having a moment in beauty and skincare, with so many products rolling out each day full of beneficial oils. Of the many oils, one humble oil is a true superstar, it keeps a low profile but the many uses you can get out of it make it a multi-tasking hero!


Organic virgin coconut oils revs up the body’s metabolism and can be helpful in regulating appetite and weight. You will find that many nutritionists and health aficianados have converted to using this wonder oil in their diets, using it for their daily cooking or as a supplement in their beverages.


Today we will focus on just the topical benefits of coconut oil.

Hair More Manageable

Coconut oil makes for a rich and moisturizing hair mask in shower. It adds shine and lustre to the hair, tames frizziness as well as keep hair more manageable. Take a few drops on your hands and rub them together, then apply it to the ends of your hair for a sleek, more polished look in an instant. 

Body lotion, lip balm and hand cream in one!

As an all-over body moisturizer, nothing can beat the ease of slathering yourself with this oil after a nice, warm shower. It locks in all the moisture and keeps your skin supple and aglow. You can also add some essentials oils to it for fragrance and added benefits, then use it for a relaxing massage.


You can dab a drop or two on chapped lips for instant relief and intense moisture boost.


Summer-ready Skin

In the shower you can DIY your own cellulite busting scrub. Mix up some coffee grinds and brown sugar with coconut oil and rub over your body. Caffeine in the coffee grinds is known to aid in reducing the appearance of cellulite, brown sugar scrubs away dead skin and coconut oil moisturizes the skin. Just rinse yourself with warm water and pat dry with a towel. Voila! Hello, summer skin!


Another use in the shower is to use it as a shaving cream. It will not lather, of course, but coconut oil adds a slip to the skin that makes the razor glide on easily on the skin giving you a closer shave. Again, it’s the perfect way to get ready for summery dresses!


Simple coconut oil makes for a great hand and nails lotion as well. It strengthens the nails and softens cuticles, the dry skin around your nails. Healthy looking nails and cuticles means hands that make you look younger!

Makeup Be gone

It also make a wonderful makeup remover. Just take some oil on your hands and massage it all over your face, makeup melts away in no time. Rinse your face with lukewarm water and you’ll be left with a makeup free, soft skin.

If you are planning on taking to the skies this summer, then you need a bottle of our Monoi Magic in your carry on. It is sized just right to meet the airlines criterion for carry on liquids and can replace other products in your toiletries case. Birchbox had featured it in one of their Flight Essentials video too.


Infused with essence of Tahitian Tiare flower, Monoi Magic is a blend of pure coconut and sandalwood oils with a subtly exotic fragrance. It absorbs instantly with no greasy residue and you can use it all over the body, dab some on the ends of your hair and a few drops pressed onto the skin enliven the complexion. It's that magical!


Image: 123RF



We start our week on a somber note. On Saturday, the tiny Himalayan county of Nepal was shocked by a massive earthquake. With its epicentre close to the capital Kathmandu, this earthquake measured 7.9 on the Richter Scale, entire structures have been brought to the ground. The death toll has exceeded 3000. Another aftershock, this time with a magnitude of 6.7 hit the country and the neighboring country India a day later.


Nepal is a small and poor country but it is rich in culture and history. With UNESCO World Heritage Sites, numerous temples and stupas, scenic passages through the mountains and of course the Mount Everest, Nepal is one of the top picks for tourists, mountaineers and backpackers.


Kathmandu Valley area alone included seven buildings that were listed as UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. These places are popular sight-seeing spots, particularly over the weekend, when the earthquake hit. 


The videos and photos people are sharing on social media are specially heart-breaking. People who have visited the country, and stood in awe of its many World Heritage Sites are expressing their shock and sadness at not just the loss of lives, but also the historic structures like the Dharahara Tower and the Basantapur Durbar Square. 


As the world rushes to help the country and its traumatized people, we’d like to send out our prayers and wishes to the people of Nepal as well as the loved ones of hundreds missing tourists.


Image: Washington Post