What To Wear This Summer

Aren’t you glad that all those jackets, fall/spring and winter gear can finally be put away and you can lighten up your wardrobes? While the other three months, especially in our parts, necessitate that we layer up to ward off the occasional chill and the very long frost, summer holds a very special place in our hearts. We can finally bring out all the colour and show the world our impeccable taste in clothes that is otherwise covered up in swathes of bulky winter wear!


What are the trends that one should be sporting this summer? Here is our pick of what the style mavens decree as the must-haves in your summer wardrobes.

Shirt dresses

A crisp button down is always a classy option and the shirt dress takes things up a notch or two. This summer, an easy way to look en vogue and stay cool is to invest in some shirt dresses. Denim, chambray, monotones, even summery prints can elevate your fashion quotient remarkably.

Black and white

Can this classic ever go out of style? There’s something about the stark contrast of blinding white paired with a stern black that can turn heads. Stripes, colour blocking, print, abstract, polka dots, optical illusions, as long as it’s black and white, you can call it safe and perfect for summer, days and nights.  


Bow down capris, culottes have come back into the picture. Wide-legged bottoms are a summer wardrobe staple and taking this favourite a step further are culottes. We quite like how they look like a chic skirt but offer the comfort of pants.


A nod to the 70’s we are seeing more and more of, fringe has been huge ever since spring. In accessories, on shoes and handbags an even as a detailing on clothing, fringe is a quirky add-on to any outfit. If you think it is too adventurous for you to put on a fringe-y dress, try a bucket bag with a fringe instead.

White out

When in doubt, white out! We’ve been seeing more and more instances of the LWD and every wardrobe should have one. It’s easy and more fun to accessorize an all-white ensemble, think of all the colour you can throw in the mix with your accessories, statement jewellery or even the perfect red pout. White is a blank canvas for you to express yourself truly and fearlessly!.


Who doesn’t love some denim? This season we’ll see this humble fabric meander into our wardrobes as much more than the essential pair of jeans. Think of denim shirts, and shirt dresses, culottes, wedges and even quirky jewellery rendered in indigo.


Kimonos are not just beach cover ups, they also double duty as a fun way to jazz up an otherwise bland outfit. Add a fringe to it and pop it over a simple tee and a pair of jeans and you are ready to party!

One shoulder

If you were one of those who actually stuck to their new year resolutions and kept up with their working out regimen, now is the time to show off the results! A bare shoulder looks uber-sexy, without going too far into the trashy terrain. We specially like one shouldered jumpsuits and tees in the summer months.  


Whatever you wear, wear it with confidence and love your glow! 

Oh Insta-Perfection!


Our lives have never been quite the same since instagram made its debut in our lives. Fof those of us who do Insta, our brains are wired to identify and 'click' the perfect pic, with the perfect caption and  set of hashtags, hoping that one of our shares will rocket through the popularity charts!


Monday mornings are always tough; weekends are always too short. Which is why we're sharing this video. Come on now, be honest, how many of us have been in similar situations? If not all, the food picture-taking has happened to us at least one, right?


Enjoy your Monday, there's only five more days to go till the weekend!


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Around The World In Eyeshadows: Grand Canyon

Our destination today is another UNESCO World Heritage site, a place that is awe inspiring in every sense of the world. We’re heading off to Arizona in the US, to learn more about the Grand Canyon, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and a Vasanti Inspiration.


Offering spectacular views, the Grand Canyon is over 6000 feet deep gorge as river Colorado and its tributaries cut through layers of rocks of the Colorado Plateau. Much more than its sweeping vistas, diverse flora and fauna as well as hues of colours at play at the site, the Grand Canyon is a study in geologic process. It took the river at least 17 million years to carve out this monument into the face of the earth!


Sweeping over 440 kilometers, the Grand Canyon can reach a width of around 30 kilometers and it is upto nearly 1800 meters deep in places. Studying the layers of rocks exposed as it eroded, geologists have been able to study the history of our planet dating back to two billion years. It can’t get any more timeless than that!


A study of the canyon is also a study of how humans had adapted to live and survive in its harsh environs. Native Americans had made the Canyon into their home, building settlements in the gorge and the many caves it unearthed. For Pueblo people, Grand Canyon was a holy site and they made pilgrimages to it.


The Grand Canyon was given a forest reserve status in 1893 when mining, lumbering and hunting was allowed. In 1906, it was changed to a game reserve status to protect its wildlife and then upgraded to a National Monument status in 1908. Nearly a decade later, in 1919, an act of Congress created the Grand Canyon National Park. It was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1979.



When looking to name this gorgeous Silky Eyeshadow Duo with its timeless pairing of a rich matte peach and shimmering cranberry, Grand Canyon was the perfect inspiration. The arid and harsh climate of the Grand Canyon may not be an ideal habitat, but the colour palette of this landscape translates beautifully into makeup. As layers of rock, and the very history of our planet’s formation is exposed, revealing many shades of pinks and peaches, we took our inspiration from how nature works out the best colour combinations!


When you wear Grand Canyon, our take on this monumental destination, you get the Vasanti promise of a crease-free, fade resistant long wearing formula that applies like a dream. Unlike the place it has been named after, it is not drying at all. However it will lend you that air of ethereal timelessness that descends in the Grand Canyon at dawn and dusk.


Have a lovely weekend, Vasanti fans!



Image credit: "South Rim 07 (4105011299)" by Ronnie Macdonald from Chelmsford, United Kingdom – South Rim 07Uploaded by russavia. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Ready For Summer? Really?

Sure we all wait for the days to get longer, the sun to be out more often and the weather to be warmer after a long spell of winter. However, come summer proper, all we want to do is stay in the shade and pray a pleasant breeze will make the day's heat more bearable!


The first few days of summer are spent meticulously slathering ourselves in sunscreen and heading outdoors to get 'toasted' in some sunshine. A few days into the season all the excitement evaporates and leaves us wanting to stay indoors, with the air-conditioning on at full blast!


We found this video to be an apt representation of our fickle weather wishes! Happy Victoria Day everyone, we hope everyone had a fun long weekend. Rejoice sun lovers, summer's officially here!


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