5 Things For A Good Day


The weekend’s here, and while nothing is as welcoming as the thought of staying in for these two days, truth is that come Monday, we could be heading back to another grinding schedule at work.


How do some people make work seem so effortless, how do they manage to stay on top of things and get everything done?


This article on Entrepreneur has five easy tips, make these a part of your everyday routine and you’d be a top performer at work as well.

An empty inbox

Whether it is virtual or actual, a full inbox signifies a tray full of tasks to be done. If you can sort through your inbox at the end of the day and filter them as done, to do, forwarded, trashed etc. you will end your day on a high. Even coming back to work the next day, or Monday, would not be as worrying, because you know you were done for the day, if you could do it once, you can do it again, and again.

Think and plan a day ahead

There’s nothing like shutting down the system at the end of the day, particularly when it has been a real toughie. However, more work is not always a more productive work day. If you can take some time out and plan ahead for the coming day, earmark a thing, a project or a task that will make the entire day’s effort worth every minute you spend on it, do it now. Sometimes we need to focus more on the promise tomorrow holds for us, even if we make the promise to ourselves.

Eat a frog

There’s no other way to describe it, inspired by Mark Twain’s who suggested that nothing could be worse than eating a live frog first thing in the morning, this basically means that you get the most unpleasant task out of the day. Don’t put it off by another day, take charge and get it done before you are done for the day. There’s nothing as uplifting as knowing that you can come to work the next day and not be bothered by it!

Be kind

Help out, think of karma: one good deed begets another. Not just about easing someone’s work load, you feel positive when you are kind to someone, it could be something as simple as holding the door open for someone. Before you pack up from work, make sure you have been good to at least one person and carry over that uplifting feeling towards the next day. Being helpful helps, it really does!

Say thank you!

Be thankful for all you have, and every single day, take a stock of things that went in your favour and be happy about it. And whenever someone is kind to you, or is helpful, make sure that they know it was appreciated. It’s all about cultivating happiness, find sources of joy and savour them, big or small.


Enjoy your weekend!



Image: Lord of the Wings© via photopin cc

Love Brights Gel Matte Lipsticks, Fall In Love


Our Twitter and Instagram if filling up with pictures from our fans, as they try our brand new matte lipsticks and are wowed by it. Unveiling on the blog today…


Love Brights Gel Matte Lipsticks


Matte lipsticks make a comeback this season and they look specially chic as holiday season comes near, with darker hues winning more favour with the ladies. At Vasanti we perfected this formula for the perfect matte lipstick; it is a gel formulation instead of a waxy base. What you get is pure, intense pigments in a luxurious lip bullet that feels like nothing you have ever applied!


These beauties come in eight gorgeous shades that compliment all skin tones, at Vasanti we take pride in celebrating our colour!


Infused with cherry, pomegranate and evening primrose oils, full of antioxidants and conditioning properties, these lipsticks have a sleek bullet that offer more precision when you apply it.


Feast your eyes on these beauties here. They are now available at select drugstores across Canada as well as on our website (Both Canadian and US/International). Shipping is free in the US and Canada for orders over $ 29, so get shopping!

Puppy Love is a true baby pink matte

Mad Love is a rich purple matte plum

Unconditional Love is a deep matte orange with a touch of coral

Destined for Love  is a rich matte bright coral pink

True Love is what everyone would be wearing this party season, it is the classic matte red everyone wants in their makeup bag!

Drunk In Love is a rich matte burgundy

Endless Love, there’s red and then there’s red. A richer, more sexy red, this matte red has blue undertones. It’s not for the faint of heart!

Crazy In Love, a deep hot pink, this matte shade is sophistication in a lipstick!



Which of these Love Brights is calling out your name? 

Get The Look: The Perfect Feline Flick


Vicky Mina is a very talented makeup artist from Halifax. She has a genius for creating absolutely gorgeous and classy looks with Vasanti eyeshadows. We love this simple and chic look she’s created with our Cleopatra Liquid Eyeliner and Silky Eyeshadow Duo in Leaning Tower.


She describes this look as her favourite go to makeup look:  fresh and bright with the definition of a feline flick and perfectly shaped brows.


Here’s how to get this look, it is simple, easy and makes you look more wide awake on a Monday morning than you actually feel!

Sweep some the nude matte pink eyeshadow on the lids and then take the light bronze into the crease for some subtle depth. Also brush some of the bronze shade under the lower lashline for a more bright-eyed look.


How To: Winged Liner

Next  take the Cleopatra Black Liquid Eyeliner and trace a line along your upper lashline, getting as close as possible to the roots. Keep it thin at the inner corners and thick as you come outwards, flicking it upwards. Don’t worry, our formula is a true black, and does not smudge through the day. With our thin and flexible eyeliner brush, you will find that lining the eyes is easier than it appears. Together, this brush and the jet-black liquid liner make feline flicks a quick task anyone can master in no time!

Brow Duo


Finally, for framing this look, get Vasanti’s Dynamic Brow Duo in Cape Town and fill in the brows. This duo comes in a universal shade, so there is no guessing game in finding the perfect colour match. Fill in the sparse areas of your brows with the Universal powder, then take the tinted brow wax and shape the brow hair in place. Voila! Perfect arches!


At this point you can put on a tinted lip balm, or a nude pink lipstick or be brave and put on a bright lip colour, something from our new line of Love Brights, Gel Matte Lipsticks, and you are ready to start the work week!


Catcalling Videos, Poles Apart


Are men and women the same everywhere? This video suggests otherwise. A woman walking through the streets of New York got catcalled more than a hundred times in a video that went viral late last month. When the same experiment was carried out in Auckland, New Zealand, the result was poles apart, literally!


The difference this time is in how onlookers react, or don’t, to a woman passing by, dressed up in a casual tee and jeans. Sure she did garner some double-takes, but the number of men who actually approached her was just two. The first one stopped her to ask if she was Italian and complimented her, the second wanted help with directions.


This experiment was carried out by the New Zealand Herald. We are not quite sure what to make of these 'results' though. Perhaps a similar video should be made in a Canadian city as well?