The Eyebrow Bible



Eyebrows are huge these days (pun intended). Most eyebrow experts will tell you that when grooming, shaping and filling in your brows, look at them as sisters, not identical twins. There is no symmetry in nature and oftentimes we end up with a ‘too heavy’ or ‘too sparse’ set of brows in our efforts to make them look identical.


Another thing to keep in mind is that one ‘brow mapping’ formula will not fit all eyebrows. Some eyebrows are naturally thick, some are arched, and some are straight. Some fan at inner corners, some are rounded at their start while some disappear into nothingness at the tails. Should everyone start stamping on eyebrows with a set of stencils? No!


While full, well-groomed brows are the thing, it is equally important to remember that an eyebrow shape you envy on another person may not suit your delicate features.


We found this incredibly detailed eyebrow shaping guide on BuzzFeed Life and we were blown away! Can you identify the issues that did not let your eyebrow game be ‘on point’?


The BuzzFeed team got in touch with NYC eyebrow guru Joey Healy and a bunch of ‘models’ with all kinds of eyebrow shapes. The way he groomed and shaped them, we bow to his artistry. See how his work opens up the face and redefines it altogether? Eyebrows truly frame a face. 


Read on, we’re sure you’ll learn a thing or two about eyebrow shaping you did not know before.


The perfect tools for this experiment, we’d say, are the Vasanti Brow Dream Team: our Dynamic Brow Duo in Cape Town, paired with the Professional Brow Brush.


Happy grooming!


Image: Buzzfeed Life

Vasanti Glows!

The perfect end to a frigid week and month, we found ourselves smiling away despite all the 'extreme cold' alerts that have been a regular for February 2015!


We've been sharing the story of what got Vasanti founders into the intensely competitive beauty business, and what has seen them rise and rise to success through all these years. (Read more here.)


This time, Canada's beauty authority featured Vasanti founders in a two page spread in its April 2015 issue, where these enterprising ladies talked about their favourite and go-to Vasanti products, starting small and then going big.


It's amazing how much you can accomplish if you believe in yourself and your product. 

You can get your copy today, to read more, or look at these pages here!

Have a happy and cozy weekend everyone!


Get The Perfect Base


This picture speaks for itself. Ever wondered how some women look so flawless, with their makeup applied impeccably? How often have you struggled to get your base right?


You can look up makeup tutorials on Youtube, follow gurus on Instagram for inspiration, but unless you know what goes on where and in what order, chances are, you are still not 'there'.


We love this simple graphic by Beauty and Tips Magazine. It simplifies the whole process!


Keep practicing and stay fabulous!


Image: Beauty and Tips Magazine

Oscars 2015 #AskHerMore


Women, even if they are in mainstream media entertaining the masses, are so much more than just their dresses and makeup! Reese Witherspoon tackled this issue head one when she inititaed #AskHerMore for this year's Oscars.


Hours before the A-listers started sashaying down the Red Carpet for Hollywood's 'Biggest Night'Witherspoon, nominated for the coveted Best Actress category, posted the image above on her Instagram. 



She also had this to say to Robin Roberts, the ABC correspondent:


This is a movement to say we’re more than just our dresses. There are 44 nominees this year that are women and we are so happy to be here and talk about the work that we’ve done. It’s hard being a woman in Hollywood, or any industry.


Needless to say it was a movement that went huge within minutes, with fans and followers chipping in with questions of their own that could be asked of the ladies who walked the Red Carpet.


#AskHerMore was a social campaign started last year, by The Representation Project


Reese Witherspoon may have lost the Oscar to Julianne Moore, but she is still a winner in our books for highlighting 'sexism' on the Red Carpet this year.


As a company created by women, and all for women empowerment, we at Vasanti would like to say that while we absolutely love the glitz and glamour of the Red Carpet, it is time to that the media, and the people it serves, us as audience, ask more of their favourite entertainers. They are so much more than their couture and coiffs, you know!


Images: Instagram/ReeseWitherspoon