Happiness Is: Antiquated Technology

To bring you some long weekend cheer and smiles, here's a video that has gone viral in the past week.


The Fine Brothers are a Los Angeles based film-maker duo, who have their own channel on youtube. Some days ago they uploaded a very cute video on their channel with a simple title: Kids React To Walkmans. 


Walkman, a Sony – Japan invention was a huge deal back in the eighties. It allowed music lovers to enjoy their favourite music on the go, hence the name, Walkman. We have a whole generation of netizens, who would remember that cassette player and headsets to go with it.


Today's kids, on the other hand, want everything simple, easy, small but loaded. It is humbling how far we have come in technological advancements in just a generation. And of course those who have appreciated the joy of a walkman feel utterly old and antique when watching this video. We say is it a must-watch for how the kids react to it, their guesses on what it could be and how it could functions. 


Watch their hilarious reactions in this video and see pop culture references from an adorable six year old!


You are guaranteed to LOL. We know we did!


Have a lovely long weekend, everyone!



Video Credit: Youtube/TheFineBros


Happiness is is a regular feature on our blog where we post things that make us laugh, that inspire us and that generally just brighten our day. We hope to brighten yours too! 

Around The World In Eye Shadows: Ellora Caves

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons


Our destination today is in the heart of western India, near Aurungabad, Maharashtra.


Ellora Caves, dating back to 600 – 1000, are an architectural marvel, capturing the spirit of religious harmony practiced by the natives of ancient India. The site was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1983.


These caves were monasteries and temples hewn into the face of cliffs, as places for meditation and worship by people of Buddhist, Hindu and Jain faiths. Totalling 34, the caves are clustered together, from south to north, extending over 2 kilometres.


UNESCO describes the Buddhist caves to be one of the earliest, starting from the south, when Buddhists started carving their monasteries and living quarters for monks into face of a high basalt cliff.


Buddhist ‘caves’ total 12, these are believed to date from 600 -800. There are ten monasteries and one big temple in the Buddhist series of Ellora Caves. Cave 10, the most famous of these caves, is known as the ‘Visvakarma’ or the ‘Carpenter’s Cave.’ It boasts a multi-storey entrance and a 15 foot statue of a Buddha in preaching pose.


Next in series and antiquity are the Hindu or Brahmin caves, dating from 600 – 900. While the Buddhist caves are mostly simplistic in their decor, these Brahmin caves are ornate, with rich imageries and carvings depicting Brahmin/Hindu faith. These total 17 in number, of which cave 16 is notable as the very centre of Ellora Caves. Known as Kailasa, it is named after the abode of Hindu god Shiva in Kailas range, Himalayas. The elaborate work and craftsmanship apparent in this temple is the result of meticulous labour spanning generations.


Last of the Ellora Caves, the Jain ones total 5 in number and date from 800 – 1000, drawings inspirations from their older neighbouring caves. These caves were built as sanctuaries, to reflect the simplistic way of life practiced by the Digambara sect of Jain faith. However they do feature intricate details in their art work and sculptures. Cave 32, the ‘Indra Sabha’ with a lotus flower as a notable motif on its ceiling, is one of the more decorated of Jain caves at Ellora.


At Vasanti we found the history of peace, ageless tranquility and attention to detail at Ellora Caves to be worthy of celebration in colour. Our ode to this World Heritage Site is as a Silky Eye Shadow Duo, a timeless, subtly glamorous combination of metallic warm chocolate and shimmery beige brown.


Like all Vasanti’s eyeshadows, these are true to colour, apply and blend like a dream, and stay crease-free, fade-free for hours, defying time. Much like the caves they have been named for!



Want an easy way to wear the duo? Here is a ‘how-to’ done by make up artist Vicky Mina. The result is elegance, understated glamour and a look that is as appropriate for day as it is for a night out.




Happiness is #withoutthewagegapiwould trending on twitter

Women have generally been an underpaid part of the work-force. April 8th was declared the Equal Pay Day and twitterverse exploded with the hastag #withoutthewagegapiwould


According to a TIME magazine report, the hashtag was created by Elizabeth Plank for an article on PolicyMic.


Reports cited in the write-up revealed a 33 cents difference between the pay of a man vs a woman; for every dollar a man made for the same work performed by a woman, she was paid 77 cents.  As pennies and dimes add up, an average American woman lost more than four hundred thousand dollars over the course of her career. That is enough money, as explained in pictorials in PolicyMic’s piece, to put two kids through college, feed a family of four for more than six year and become a homeowner in the US.


Stats put one to sleep, but with this hashtag on twitter and ensuing social media mobilization, one hopes that it can create more awareness for equal pay, without any kind of discrimination.


We looked through #withoutthewagegapiwould on twitter and here are some of our favourite finds. Click on images below:



Get Ready For Sunny Days Ahead

We are talking about sunny days to come, because as we keep saying, it has been a long winter and looking forward to better, warmer days is our favoured therapy at the moment!


However, once the sun starts blazing with all its might in the coming months, we would be complaining about the heat. At Vasanti we believe in preparing, and here is how you can stay cool through the scorching months that are sure to follow a brief Spring interlude.


Sun Protection

Never, ever step out of the house without proper sun protection on all exposed parts of the body. It may be tempting to get a natural, glowing tan outdoors in the sun, but let’s keep in mind the havoc UVA and UVB rays wreck on the skin, not just in altering the colour, but texture and epidermal health too.


UVA or Ultra Violet A rays from the sun can penetrate the dermal layers to cause photo-ageing, wrinkles and skin cancer. They constitute more than ninety percent of sunrays that reach earth, and us as sunlight.


UVB or Ultra Violet B rays, while a small portion of sunlight we receive, are felt more. These are the rays that cause tanning and sunburn. They can’t penetrate the skin surface, but its effects manifest on the skin, not in the most pleasant of ways.


When shopping for a sunscreen, look for SPF 30 or above and make sure you get an oil-free, broad spectrum sun protection. This means a sunblock that can ‘block’ both the ‘longwave’ UVA rays and the ‘shortwave’ UVB rays. An oil-free formula would offer you protection from the sun and not turn your face into an oil-slick.


#nofilter Starts With Great Skin

Everyone favours a lighter version of layers through summers, and that includes make up too. Of course you have to make sure that your skin is in tip top condition before you bare it to the world.


Key to great skin is eating and drinking healthy. Make  sure you are drinking lots and lots of water, keeping it hydrated from within. (See this post on some of our favourite fruit-infused waters here.)


A good cleansing and exfoliation routine with our top-selling Brighten Up! Enzymatic Skin Rejuvenator will get you ‘wow’ results every time. Once you rid the face of surface debris, it will reveal new, brighter skin and you will not want to mask your new radiance with heavy-duty products.


For a sheer, skin-perfecting coverage, we find that Flash Effect Loose Powder Radiance Loose Powder works wonderfully to give you that air-brushed, radiant glow. With anti-oxidants green tea and turmeric, it also controls sebum levels through the day, so you will glow, like you should and not look shiny with sweat due to the heat.



If you want more coverage, try Face Base Oil-Free Powder Foundation. It blends effortlessly, leaving behind a satiny, picture perfect finish. We love it for its feather-light texture that does not compromise on coverage and lasts through the day.



As for the rest of your ‘face’ once you have a sweat-proof base on, you can try a combination of looks for the day. Both Flash Effect Loose Powder and Face Base Powder Foundation require little time for application. Quick and easy fixes we love!


The Kajal Extreme Liner is a great smudge-proof option. It is soft pencil to line the delicate eye area, but once set, will not stray from place. Try tight-lining (lining just the upper waterline of the eyes) for a subtle accent to the eyes, or line around and inside the eyes, then smudge lightly for a night out. And experiment with colour instead of going the usual black route. While brown is a safe option, we like Purple Gem as a playful hue that suits all eye colours.




Choose from our line up of Micronized Silky Blushes for a pop of colour on the cheeks, we recommend Sayan as a naturally flattering shade for all complexions.

Now put on a wide-rimmed sunhat and you are ready for a day in the sun!