How To Choose The Right Nude Lip Shade For Your Skin Tone

Nude Lips For Your Skin Tone


For years, pinks and reds were the favored shades to paint a pout with, but now red carpets and runways are flooded with neutral lipsticks. Simple yet sexy, nude lips pair perfectly with a dramatic smoky eye or an understated natural look—and the effect can even give the illusion of having larger lips. But finding the right colour can be more difficult than selecting the correct foundation! Here's our guide to finding the perfect nude lip shade to match your skin tone.


Nude Lip Shade for Fair Skin

For fair / pale skin: Avoid beiges which can wash you out, go for soft pinks, peaches or apricots, like Tahiti Tinted Lip Balm or Kara Sea Lipshine.

Tinted Lip Balm Lipgloss


Nude Lip Shade For Warm Light Skin

For light yellow based skin: Stick with light pinks and caramel tones like Sweden Lipstick or Java Sea Lipshine.


sweden lipstick Java Sea Lipgloss



Nude Lip Shade For Golden Undertones(Karen David for Vasanti Cosmetics –

For golden undertones: If you have golden undertones in your skin, go for creamy, caramel-toned nudes and warm beiges. Try Luxembourg Lipstick or Colombia Tinted Lipbalm.


Luxembourg Lipstick Tinted Lip Balm




Nude Lip Shade For Olive Skin

For olive skin tones: Olive toned girls are in luck, just about any nude shade will look great on you, from pink to beige to bronze.  Try Sweden Lipstick or a lipgloss like Bali Lipshine.

sweden lipstick Bali Lip Gloss


Nude Lip for Need Yellow Based Skin

For medium to deep yellow based skin tones: Try nude beiges and browns maybe even with a hint of shimmer. Luxembourg is your perfect nude brown lipstick and The North Sea is a nude beige brown lipshine with a touch of shimmer. 

Luxembourg Nude Lipstick The North Sea Lipgloss




Nude Lip Shade For Deep Golden Skin

For deep golden skin: Go nude with a hint of berry to really set off your skin tone.  Try Italy Lipstick or Aegean Sea Lipshine

Italy Lipstick Aegean Sea Lipgloss



Nude Lip For Deep Skin

For dark-toned / African American skin: Go for sheer caramel toned shades such as Bali Lipshine or Java Sea Lipshine.


Nude For Your Skin Tone Nude Lip


Makeup Artist Tip: If you have a naturally dark lip colour and you want to get true colour from your lip shade, you can apply a very light layer of liquid foundation over your lips before swiping on your desired shade.  Before trying out this tip make sure your lips are well moisturized with Conquer 3-in-1 Lip Treatment.


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