5 Tips to Stay Motivated at Work

Do you have any idea how many hours we spend at our workplace? Well, that would be around 1/3 of our lives. That means, it’s essential to enjoy and love what you are doing. Motivation plays a huge role in turning a not-so-good day at work into a fun filled happy day.

Motivation comes easy when you love your job and enjoy the company but the tough part comes in when you are not enjoying the work and the environment is not so friendly. Well, that’s the time when you need to step up your game and motivate the heck out of you. Because girl, we know you want to keep that job and be happy with it.

So let’s dive in and see how we can motivate your inner boss babe:

1. Goal Setting
Don’t undermine the power of goal setting, it should be taken way more seriously than it currently is. Set up goals for yourself and how you want to progress in your current job. Once you achieve the goals, set some even higher and challenge your learning curve. This way you keep learning new skills and make yourself more valuable to the organization.

2. Breaks
Sometimes, we are swamped with work and our heads are buried in files. In that moment, it’s a must to take a little breather, step out, breath in some fresh air, or just go for a nice walk. You will come back with a refreshed mind and most likely more new ideas.

3. Embrace the healthy criticism
It’s okay for your boss to not like something you spend a day creating. I get it- it is slightly demotivating. But instead of taking it personally, understand that this particular correction will only make you learn more. Always be ready to accept healthy criticism, because the skillful was once a beginner too.

4. Reward Yourself
When you get that first paycheck, go spend some buying makeup or shopping! Whatever you love doing. We often forget to reward ourselves but that is a key factor in staying motivating and achieving our goals. It would be something to look forward to once you submit that report after working day and night for almost a week. You deserve it so go reward yourself.

5. Jazz up your Desk
Maybe pin some photos of your children or pets. Bring in that nice looking planner or note book that you keep buying because they are oh so pretty! Put them to some use. If you like plants, flowers etc decorate your desk with them. Having homely things psychologically associates work with comfort. So make it homely and comfortable for yourself.

How do you stay motivated at work? Send us some of your tips in the comments below.

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