6 Must Have Back-to-School Beauty Products

Yep, deep down we all want summer to stay forever but sadly, that’s not in our control. But guess what’s in our control? Our make-up routine. It’s time to get prepared and stock up those budget-friendly goodies. These beauty products will keep you covered for whatever is coming your way whether it’s a date night or pulling an all-nighter for a report.

1. Power Oils Lip Gloss
Made with healing and nourishing natural oils, Power Oil Lip Gloss gives you the colour and fullness of a lipstick and the finish of a gloss that’s smooth and shiny, but never sticky. Because girls-on-the-go doesn’t have time for anything else. There are 15 rich shades from which you can choose your go-to shade for everyday use.

2. BFF Lipbalm Tinted Lipbalm 
Trust me, when I say that this lip balm is going to become your new best friend. this formula is loaded with amazing natural butters and oils including Abyssinian Oil (a best-kept secret in the beauty industry). They hydrate, heal, and nourish, keeping your lips looking smoother, softer, and more youthful. 

3. Lip Line Extreme Lip Pencil
Get your hands on our Lip Pencils and redefine your lips. The lip liner extreme will stay with you during long school offers, it won’t feather and will carry on that intense colour. Get ready for noticeable lips.

4. Brow Powder Pencil 
If only we would wake up with perfect eyebrows and would never have to spend hours drawing them. But guess what? With our brow powder pencil, you don’t have to spend hours drawing every single hair. The brow powder pencil can help you define a beautiful shape and blend it easily with the spoolie. It’s all in the power of the powder formula. 

5. Cleopatra Black Liquid Eyeliner 
Your wish came true. We have a quick easy to use liquid eyeliner. That you can apply to get that intense, gorgeous look. And it will stay intact all day. This liquid eyeliner comes with a specially designed brush for precision application so you can master the winged eyeliner look as well.

6. Make-up Magnet Wipes 
For all the lazy girls out there, this one is for you. This comes in handy when you are exhausted after a long day at school, these gentle wipes will get the job done super quickly for you. So, you don’t have an excuse to sleep with makeup on anymore. These powerful makeup cleaning wipes are gentle, effective and super comfortable. Like a magnet, tiny micelle molecules attract dirt, oil and pollutants from your face. Keep these with you on the go or use them to remove your makeup before cleansing!
With these goodies in your back-up, you will be ready to take over the world or more realistically, you will be ready to take over the day.

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