Doing this will save your skin this winter!

Tis’ the season to layer sweaters, scarves, jackets, socks… you name it. You guessed it, it’s winter and the frigid temperature isn’t helping our skin! Just like the layering we add as a form of protection and source of warmth from the cold temperature, we need to do the same for our skin. So what does it mean to layer skincare?

Layering skincare refers to adding skincare products on top of one another on your skin. Layering skincare ensures your skin gets all the support it needs for healthy, vibrant, youthful skin. So in what order do you layer your skincare?

A general rule of thumb is to apply a light texture on your skin first and the heavier texture on top. Doing it the other way around is not as effective because a thicker texture can create a barrier so anything you apply on top won’t penetrate into skin. And we definitely need all of our skincare to absorb into our skin for the best possible results.

The second important rule to remember is, it’s best to use water based product before oil based, simply because oil and water do not mix. If you apply an oil based product first it will block the water based product from penetrating into dermis.

I bet you’re wondering,” in what order should I layer my Vasanti skincare?” We’ve made skincare multi-functional and as a result very easy to use. Layering your skincare does not mean 5-10 products. In fact we developed our skincare to be multi-functional in order to ensure efficacy( absorption to the deeper level of skin), powerful active ingredients, and hydration(key to healthy skin).


DAY: Use Vasanti’s Amplify Moisturizer, wait a minute for best absorption, then apply Eye Wonder 2.0 underneath eyes. Add a few drops of Glow Boosting Serum all over face and neck. Amplify Moisturizer is aloe based, lightweight and Glow Boosting Serum is hydrating, helps even skin tone and brightens! Eye Wonder 2.0 is essential skincare for preventing/correction of fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles underneath eyes.

NIGHT: Use Vasanti’s Amplify moisturizer, wait a minute for best absorption, then apply Eye Wonder 2.0 underneath eyes. Add a few drops Age Is Only A Number Elixir all over face including neck. This elixir is jam packed with proven anti-aging peptides, botanics and vitamins. Not only does it hydrate and improve skin’s radiance, it also strengthens the building blocks of your skin( hyaluronic acid, collagen, & elastin).

Layering skincare helps improve hydration and prevent dry, irritated & rough skin – which is especially important in the winter!

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