For 7 years you will be HOOKED!

I remember reading years ago that once a woman finds the perfect foundation match she stays committed to it for at least 7 years! Wow! Longer than any committed relationship I’ve been in — I digress. 

As a teenager, finding foundation for my acne prone, oily skin was a challenge! As time went on and my skin changed, the challenge for the perfect foundation continued. One of the most important factors for foundation is coverage AND feeling completely weightless — like you have NO foundation on.  Also, as a woman of colour, foundation selection can be daunting. One of my biggest fear is looking ashy and my neck not matching my face (oh the horror!). 

As I wandered through the cosmetic aisles at Shoppers Drug Mart(pre- COVID-19 of course!), a cosmetician who clearly could sense how lost I was, approached me. She asked what I was looking for. I wanted to tell her: A reliable man, a new car, and to never gain weight no matter how badly I ate. I kept those thoughts to myself and answered: a foundation! But not just any foundation; It must be a foundation that matched my skin tone, felt weightless, and didn’t cost an arm and leg. 

She showed me an array of options and selected a few. As she spoke of each product and I felt each on the back of my hand, one stood out to me. It was the Liquid Cover Up foundation by Vasanti Cosmetics. It blended into my skin immediately, felt smooth, and the back of my hand looked FLAWLESS.  

I picked the one that looked closest to my shade and asked her if I could apply it myself to really get a feel for it. I dotted my face with the Liquid Cover Up in V8 and used a foundation brush to smooth it all over my face. I was shocked! The foundation BLENDED seamlessly, disappeared into my skin, and boy, did it COVER those acne scars. I took a mirror into the natural light and was impressed with how I looked flawless yet still like myself.  

Liquid Cover Up ($27)

As for the price, only $27! Yup! That price and quality was a no brainer. Over the next few weeks, I found myself saying “thank you” a lot when I received compliments on HOW GREAT MY SKIN LOOKED! My neck definitely matched my face AND there was absolutely no ashiness. 

So what gives? What made this foundation so different compared to the dozens I’ve tried? For one, it’s a water-based foundation which means the formula is hydrating & non-oily — great for both oily and dry skin (and my skin teeter totters between the two spectrums). The foundation has a second skin effect, aka mimics your skin, which is why it blended so seamlessly. It didn’t sit in my lines, nor look cakey, even after applying multiple layers. The foundation undertone is made to brighten the skin which is why I got so many compliments on my incredible glow! 

My foundation colour in the shade V8 looked great on me and surprisingly matched a few of my friends with slightly deeper/lighter complexions. The reason for this is Vasanti’s Liquid Cover Up was made to mimic skin in a way where it would blend to match more than just one shade of skin. This increased blend-ability means the foundation range doesn’t have to be as vast. Foundations that match strictly 1:1 tend to have a larger variety: one shade will not work for any other shade.I love that my V8 will work for me even when I tan in the summer!

Vasanti Cosmetics will donate a Liquid Cover Up Foundation for every Liquid Cover Up Foundation you buy to the Look Good, Feel Better Foundation (LGFB) when purchased online at: LGFB is committed to helping women feel and look their best while going through cancer treatments. The liquid foundations donated will be a part of a care package to help women feel good through the power of makeup. What a perfect time to treat yourself to a great foundation AND help another woman in need! And on that note, I am going to go stock up on my foundation!

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