How to have Glowing Skin

It’s summertime and for every person maintaining glowing skin during this season is a task to achieve. Especially people having very dry skin and oily pores have to make a special effort to gain skin with natural shine with minimum sweat. Thankfully, dermatologists are here to provide excellent tips for having healthy glowing skin in the summertime. Now, what exactly is a glowing skin? Glowing skin is skin with a soft and moist texture. It does not have dryness, dullness, and flakes on it. It is basically a clear skin having small pores and single tone complexion without scars. In order to achieve this kind of skin you need the right products like this 4-step skincare system from Vasanti and effective health and beauty practices.

Given below are some of the key guidelines to make your glowing skin standout during the hot season.

Eating healthy foods

Eating habit plays a very important role in the maintenance of healthy skin. What you eat is clearly shown on your face. People who consume well balanced face-friendly minerals rich foods have clear, smooth and shining skin. Face-friendly diet includes nutritious food items like vegetables, fruits, and omega 3 oily fish. Likewise, nuts are also among the edible food items which help the skin to look hydrated and soft by keeping the moisture intact due to its richness in Vitamin E. If your food intake is having a low amount of iron and Vitamin B12 then the skin will turn yellow and pale.

Go outdoors

Indulging in outdoor activities can be quite helpful for the people who want to have rosy cheeks during the summer season. Both moderate sunrays and fresh air are beneficial for the skin along with exercising. Exercise regulates your blood circulation, which in returns lower stress level, nourishes skin cell, and improves the complexion. Besides hardcore exercises, simple physical activities like a brisk walk, cycling, jogging, and yoga can turn your skin beautiful and glowing. If you don’t like spending time outdoors, you can try Vasanti’s Brighten Up! Glow Boosting Serum is ideal for those who want to achieve a natural blush.

Do Exfoliation

Exfoliation is the method to remove the dead skin cells layer from the top layer of skin. Our skin cell keeps regenerating, therefore, old dead cells keep accumulating on the surface of the skin giving it a dry and dull look. Exfoliation comes to rescue us from this gruesome situation and remove the dead skin layer to uncover the healthy skin layer for much brighter skin complexion. An exfoliated skin can absorb skin products and moisture more easily. This exfoliator from Vasanti is not harsh on the skin. Exfoliators having oatmeal are light on the skin and won’t cause any damage if used with care.

Avoid using soap

The skin has the natural ability to lock in moisture and fight off bacteria with the help of a natural shield called acid mantle. If someone uses alkaline cleansers such as soap many times a day, it erases the protective barrier of the oils on the skin. Eventually, the skin will get dry, look worn out, have wrinkles and will be more prone to acne-causing bacteria. It is recommended to wash the face twice a day with cleansers having no chemicals and moderate PH. This cleanser from Vasanti works by not only cleaning your skin but also detoxifying it.

Drink a lot

Dull looking skin with wrinkles is usually the outcome of dehydration. It not only affects dry skin but it can also cause a problem on oily skin texture. In order to gain elastic soft looking skin, invest in drinking a lot of water throughout the day. Also, devote in buying a good chemical free moisturizer like this one from Vasanti that will help in keeping your skin hydrated in hot weather.

Good sleep routine

Having a good sleep routine will have a positive effect on how your skin looks. Cells regenerate and collagen production increases during nap time. A regular night time sleep of seven to eight hours is recommended to have a youthful, fresh looking and glowing skin. Recent research in the British Medical Journal points out that the people who are sleep deprived are less attractive in comparison to the people who fulfill their sleep requirements. Maximize your night time skincare regimen by using some effective skincare products from Vasanti which you can actually apply in bed.

Using natural oils on the skin

Natural oils can be a great remedy for clearing out pores, moisturizing the skin and reducing sebum production. Using non-comedogenic oils like grape seed oil and almond oil can help skin gain moisture. On the other hand, jojoba oil can help the skin fight against acne-causing bacteria, oily complexion and regulating sebum production. Jojoba oil can be termed as multifunctional oil since it can also be used as a cleanser, moisturizer, and eye makeup remover. Try using a special skin care set from Vasanti that does all these for you.

Raid your kitchen

Instead of spending a hefty amount of money on buying expensive skin products, do some research and buy kitchen staples that can prove extremely beneficial for improving your skin condition. Kitchen cabinets can act like a skin care closet because it contains many useful skin products. For example, brown sugar and olive oil combination will make a perfect exfoliator. Olive oil alone can be used as a great body moisturizer. Honey, salt and ice mixture helps in acne prevention. Rub an ice cube on spot to reduce swelling then apply honey which will act as an antiseptic and after that the salt will work as a water toner. Mixing oatmeal with bathwater will help in controlling eczema by soothing skin condition.

Avoid alcohol and cigarettes

In true sense, smoking is injurious to your health. It is also quite harmful to your skin as it deprives it of oxygen and beneficial nutrients resulting in premature aging and dull looking skin. Another skin destroying item is alcohol, which is almost an enemy for your youthful complexion. It robs the skin from healthy nutrients, dries the skin, and increases the puffiness of eyes. Both drinking and smoking should be completely avoided or be done it moderation. It will have a positive effect on your skin and on overall body health.


Excess of everything is bad. Even having a routine with excessive stress is harmful to skin cells. It can cause skin damage in many unwanted ways. For example chronic stress can cause wrinkles and accelerate aging, eczema, and acne. It will also have a negative impact on the much-needed beauty sleep routine. There are a number of stress-relieving techniques, exercises and meditation methods like yoga which can help in controlling stress factor and provide you with beautiful, healthy and glowing skin.

Having young, healthy and glowing skin can be achieved with the right skincare products and beauty practices. Nowadays it’s not so hard to find the right beauty must-haves especially with Vasanti and its line of tested and proven skincare products.

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