Vasanti Lipsticks – An indepth look at all our lipsticks!

Lips have always had a special place among the facial features of a woman. Ladies all have different lips and each of these have different features. Every woman obviously wants their lips looking gorgeous and radiant. Vasanti has worked tirelessly to provide its clients with a list of lipsticks that can serve them for almost any situation. Vasanti has carefully created a list of lipsticks that are compatible with different types of lips. These lipsticks are also able to alter or complement the physical appearance of different lips. Also, take note that Vasanti lipsticks are always available in different color shades. Vasanti Lipsticks can have as little as 3 color shades to as many as 20 color shades. The color shades of the different lipsticks help to produce different fascinating effects on the lips and to match different skin tones. In Vasanti’s long list of products, you are sure to get something to make you glow.

Vasanti has taken up a very nice position in the skincare and cosmetic products market. Its 20-year experience has proved indispensable in catering for the needs of its clients. Since its inception, it has operated with unwavering standards and these lipsticks were produced to meet up with such lofty standards. Now, it has produced these different lipsticks to completely beautify the lips of its users and to add some spark and radiance to their appearance.

Let’s take a look at these lipsticks. They include:

Locked In Liquid Lipstick

This lipstick is a unique matte lipstick. Some would refer to it as a hydrating matte lipstick. The best thing about this lipstick is that it the retains moisture of the lips. It is a matte lipstick without the “matte” effect. This lipstick is highly pigmented with a silky or satin matte finish and can be worn for long periods without fading. With this lipstick, you can enjoy a rich and dramatic look with bright lips. Do you want to look avoid shriveled lips that harm your appearance? The Locked in Liquid lipstick is a good choice for you.

Some benefits of this product include:

  • It can be worn for long periods without fading
  • It keeps the lips moist
  • It glides smoothly on the skin

Power Oils Lip Gloss

Are you looking for that lip gloss that would nurture your lips? Look no further than the Power Oils Lip Gloss. It is a lip gloss formulated to nourish the lips. This lipstick was created using different healing and natural oils. When applied, it offers the same level of coolness and fullness of a lipstick but it also offers the smoothness and glow of a gloss. However, it doesn’t have the stickiness of regular glosses. Making use of this product will leave you looking radiant in no time. It’s a dual action lip treatment to make you beautiful while protecting the lips.

Its benefits are:

  • It was formulated with impressive products such as raspberry, jojoba oil, peach kernel and pomegranate oil.
  • It provides a dual effect of a lipstick with a glossy finish.
  • It heals your lips and keeps you beautiful
  • It is not sticky

Best Balm Forever (BFF) Tinted Lip Balm

This is simply a tinted lip balm that heals and protects the skin. It also helps to hydrate and nourish your lips. The balm will give its users a youthful appearance. It makes your lips look better by giving it a soft and natural appearance.

Its benefits include:

  • Hydrates and nourishes the skin for a better appearance.
  • Long lasting comfort
  • Enhances the appearance of the lips making them appear more youthful.
  • Formulated with nourishing natural oils and butter.

Rise and Shine Lip Balm

Just like its name suggests, it is a balm designed to make your lips glow. Dry lips can ruin any appearance. However, with the use of this hydrating balm, your lips will glow. What this balm does is lock in moisture to make the lips look softer and fuller.

Its benefits include:

  • Formulated to provide long-lasting comfort.
  • Formulated with the use of natural oils and butters.

Time After Time Gel Matte Lipstick

This gel matte lipstick was refined with a smooth formula allowing it to last all day. It’s a very nice option for the Vasanti sisters. It has a long list of color shades which can be worn to virtually occasion and it’s high level of comfort will leave you coming back time after time. The gel matte formula produces a very good blend of comfort and color without drying the lips.

Its benefits are:

  • All-day coverage
  • Long list of color shades for any occasion
  • Keeps the lips hydrated
  • Designed to deliver a precise application.
  • Each color shade can be worn with any skin tone

Lipline Extreme Lip Pencil

This is simply a lip liner pencil. It is great for anti-weathering and won’t rub off easily. This lip liner has a smooth glide and is filled with impressive colour pigments. This lip liner stays in place all day to give your lip that perfect shape.

Its benefits include:

  • Impressive formula allowing it to be used over matte lipstick
  • Universal shades are compatible with different lip colors.
  • Formulated with Morula oil for a very smooth application.

Soft Finish Matte Lipstick

This is a lipstick with a double package; a matte lipstick with anti-oxidants. This lipstick is made with a special formula that prevents your lips from drying up. It always ensures that the lips have a soft finish and can be worn all day. It is loaded with different ingredients which hydrate and take care of your skin while you put on some color for the day.

Its benefits are:

  • A dreamy hydrating formula packed with anti-oxidants.
  • Suede-like finish can be worn all-day
  • Allows for appearance of fuller lips
  • Provides all-day hydration

Love Brights Gel Matte Lipstick

This is a gel-based matte lipstick that also hydrates your lips. You will not be able to get enough of the gel-based formula. This lipstick gives you a bold appearance and can be worn for long periods. The gel-based formula provides the appropriate amount of moisture to keep you comfortable and confident. Also the long lasting colour will make you stand out in a crowd.

Its benefits are:

  • Moisturizing formula for beauty and comfort
  • Bright and long lasting color.
  • Created with bullet design for a precise application.
  • Each color shade can be used with any skin tone.
  • Formulated with gellified pomegranate, cherry and evening primerose oils to hydrate your skin and keep it healthy.

Ultra Luxe Lipstick with Peptide Technology

Yes, this is a unique lipstick. It is unique because it is formulated with peptide technology. Peptide technology means that the lipstick will hydrate, smoothen and make your lips look plump.

Its benefits include:

  • Fascinating lip color
  • Ultra Luxe formula packed with anti-oxidant vitamins and mineralsminerals
  • Formulated with palmitoyl oligopeptide, Mango seed oil and coconut oil to nourish your lips.

From the different products listed above, it is clear that Vasanti surely has something for every type of lip. The quality in Vasanti is certain and any lipstick you pick will deliver as promised or beat your expectations.

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