What is a Colour Corrector?

Achieving your desired look is now made possible with the right beauty products and application techniques. Gone were the days when women used to be content with simply applying powder and lipstick on their faces because today, there are tons of beauty must-haves out there that we just can’t do without!

More and more women have recognized the value of having an excellent colour corrector and/or concealer that can make you look less tired and overall brighter without taking too much time and effort. Vasanti for one introduced its own color correcting concealer 18 years ago and it’s their best kept secret that they have re-branded and are now re-promoting to share with the world.

But what is color correcting in the first place?

Colour Correcting is the first step in helping you balance out dark spots, dark circles and dullness. It basically cancels out the brown/purplish hues we get under our eyes or in those troubled areas and is meant to make you appear more radiant.

There are many kinds of color correcting products out there but if you want quality, precision and convenience, Liquid VO2 by Vasanti Cosmetics is by far one of the best choices. It counteracts the dark hues so well that there will never be any ashiness or dullness under your eyes and you will definitely feel brighter. Best part is, the Liquid VO2 is an orange colour corrector AND concealer in one! Depending on your level of shadows, and troubled skin, you can likely get away with just using foundation powder on top for a natural, flawless complexion.

Admit it, women nowadays struggle with having dark circles under their eyes. This could be caused by a lot of things like stress at home and at work, lack of sleep, poor diet, and using the wrong beauty products! Well, it’s a good thing there’s finally affordable, premium quality products like the Liquid VO2 that are Vegan Friendly, Cruelty Free AND Paraben Free! So, go ahead and treat your skin to some top-quality products because you deserve the best!

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