Contour Eyeshadow - Blend it out brush


    Blend It Out! 

    Feels good when you want to shape your eyes and a brush is designed to easily help you achieve the look you want. This brush will help you define the contour of your eye whether you are looking to achieve a smokey effect or if you wanted to bring out that almond shape. This is the brush to do the trick. 

    Key Features:

    • Shape and define the contour of your eye
    • Achieve a smokey effect
    • Easily fits into any contour of the eye for easy blend
    • Makeup artist effect easily achieved
    • High quality nylon fibers

    Why you'll love it!

    • Cruelty-free
    • 100% Synthetic
    • High Quality
    • Luxury feel
    • Used by Professionals

    Suggested directions:

    Best results with powder products. Use the tip of the brush and tip into formula and place in the corner of the eye and blend in a back and forth motion on the inner crease of the eye.

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