Crunchy Mom

"I eat my veggies and I love my yoga"

Motherhood most definitely has you running around chasing your children from school to soccer practices and you love every second of it! That however is never enough cardio, you like to take time for your fitness and go hard at the gym. You also make sure there’s an abundance of green juice in your refrigerator ( Yes, we know your kids call it the "eww gross juice")

When it comes to skincare & makeup you want products that are environmentally friendly & vegan while giving your skin a clean, fresh, feeling. Your makeup look is fresh!


Based upon your lifestyle and personality these products are best for you!

5 Step Skincare - All your skincare needs in the cutest set for your gym bag!

Glow Boosting Serum - This serum gives you that "after gym glow" you love AND hydration throughout the day with Vitamin C and Abyssinian Oil!

Best Balm Forever - Light weight hydration right before that sweat session you live for!

Waterline - Water resistant so you can sweat it out in Zumba class without your eyeliner smudging!

Rose Water/Pomegranate Spray - You will love how this feels on your skin after a workout! Incredibly refreshing and hydrating made to cool, soothe and brighten your skin!