"Mama's Got This" Mom

"I might have more followers than my kids"

Nothing is “too much” for you! You like to take on challenges with stride.   You are always up to date with the latest fashions, gadgets and social media trends. Hey, if you’re kids can do the “tootsie slide” why can’t you?

When it comes to your skincare & makeup you want to use the latest trends & try the brightest shades! Your makeup look is trendy!


Based upon your lifestyle and personality these products are best for you!

Glow Boosting Serum - A serum made to hydrate & brighten your skin!

Eye Wonder 2.0 - An eye treatment to prevent/correct signs of aging, darkness and puffiness because you want your eyes to look their best- always!

Hyaluronic Boost Lip Plumper - Maxi Lip & Vollulip peptides will give you super hydrated and full lips & have people wondering how your lips got so plump!)

Astro Highlighter - You can have your highlighter "on fleek" and give yourself that extra glow you love!

Eclipse Contour - It seems like everyone is contouring their face nowadays, why should you be left out! The perfect shade to build colour and blend seamlessly into your skin for a defined face