Super Mom

"I juggle it all and make it to work on time"

Nothing is too much for you! You make it happen no matter what it takes! You go from managing your kids multiple activities & manage to deliver a kick a$$ presentation at work, all without breaking a sweat.

When it comes to makeup & skincare you want to look polished without any unnecessary fussing! Your makeup look is classic!


Based upon your lifestyle and personality these products are best for you!

Miracle Mask - This 5-in-1 mask is perfect for you! This mask does it all just like you, best of all you can wear it while cooking dinner, preparing lunches, and telling your kids to eat their veggies - for the 100th time!
Elixir - You do it all for everyone and this elixir will do it all for you - prevention/correction of fine lines/wrinkles, lifting & firming, hydration and radiance

Matte Crush - These soft, long lasting, pigmented lip colours will stay on all day so you don't have to worry about reapplication!

Power Oil Lip Glosses - These glosses are filled with hydrating oils to nourish and add sheen to your lips - we have just the right shade for you called Super Mom!

Bloom Blush - Define and add some colour to your cheeks in under a minute for a polished look!