Best Balm Forever (BBF) Tinted Lip Balm

Some people may wonder what the importance of the lips is to modern-day fashion. They fail to understand that the lips can make or break that stunning look. Yes, the right lip product can make you appear ageless, youthful and full of life. The right amount of attention to the lips also help to add a lot of elegance and grace to the appearance. By paying good attention to the lips, you can easily elevate your appearance and transform your look in no time. Dry and parched lips make you look older by almost 10 years. The lips are one of the features that could either help to elevate your look or could make you appear rough and haggard. All around the world, you would come across different ladies with different types of lips. Every lady deserves the best type of care which keeps their lips looking stunning and still protected their lips from any type of damage. Wearing a lipstick every time may seem a little excessive and certain occasions require just the subtle touch of a lip balm. However, ladies do not just want any lip balm but they want a lip balm that would take care of their lips and make them look quite beautiful and simple. Regardless of your requirements when shopping for a lip balm, the Best Balm Forever (BBF) Tinted Lip Balm from Vasanti is a very good choice for you. Take note that there are a good number of types of lip balms out there, but why should you choose Vasanti?

Vasanti is a brand which has spent 20-years looking to constantly comply with industry standards and to continuously satisfy the modern-day customer. It boasts a track record and history that consists of a long list of impressive skincare and cosmetic products. In every product, they try to provide answers to certain consumer demands. They also help to ensure that with each product their customers are protected and free from the effect of harsh chemicals. Vasanti has continuously provided ladies with fascinating products required to keep them at the top of their beauty-game. The Vasanti Best Balm Forever (BBF) Tinted Lip Balm is another of its unique products which were formulated by paying attention to the high standards required in the market. It is a balm which promises to add subtlely and beauty to each of its users.

This product is a tinted lip balm. It helps to give your lips that subtle and natural look. It also helps to provide a youthful and classy look. What’s more? The Best Balm Forever (BBF) Tinted Lip Balm offers your lips all-around protection to keep them looking fuller and softer. With the Forever Lip balm, you can finally say goodbye to dry and parched lips that could ruin your look. Due to its list of carefully selected ingredients, the tinted lip balm helps to hydrate, heal and nourish the lips. It makes your lips appear smoother, softer and gives you a youthful appearance. It will make your lips appear better than ordinary. It clearly locks in the moisture of the lips and adds a little color, for a subtle and natural look. It also has a long list of color shades that lets you pick the best one for your evening. Our three new shades are also worth taking note of. They are:MWAH (Burgundy), Shh! (Nude Brown) and XOXO (Brown). As a lady, the different color shades available helps you to express your natural style and display some guile and subtlety.

Key Ingredients of Best Balm Forever (BBF) Tinted Lip Balm

The ingredients of the BBF balm are vital in producing a balm that helps the beautify the modern-day lady and also to protect her lips. These ingredients were carefully selected due to the special care which each of them offers the lips. All ingredients were selected to protect the skin and no harsh chemicals were used in production. The ingredients of this tinted lip balm include;

Abyssinian Oil. This is commonly used in nourishing oils. It helps to rehydrate the skin and protect it from drying up. This special oil will keep the lips looking smooth and fresh when applied.

Fractioned Coconut Oil. This also helps to protect the skin. It produces a silky, smooth, non-greasy layer around the lips. This protective layer is perfect to help lock in moisture. By locking in moisture, the lips are prevented from drying up and will appear smooth all-day long. Isn’t that great?

Shea Butter. This is a natural ingredient which offers an impressive amount of protection to the skin. It is a skin superfood which is rich in vitamins A, E and F. It also protects the skin from UV rays and supplies the skin with essential fatty acids and nutrients necessary for collagen production. Shea Butter helps to keep the lips in good condition for a youthful look that leaves everyone captivated.

Mango Seed Butter. This helps to keep the skin soft and offers a good level of protection to the skin. The mango seed butter is rich in nourishing antioxidants and also protects the skin against damage by UV radiation. This means your lips won’t also get parched rather they’ll glow in the sun.


What are the benefits of making use of this impressive tinted lip balm? It is packed with a lot of impressive ingredients that promise numerous benefits for the ladies. The benefits of this tinted lip balm are numerous a daugh to satisfy the modern-day lady. These benefits include;

  • It offers 100% skin protection. Regardless of the shade of the tinted lip balm applied, it promises to keep your lips protected and in good condition. It will help to hydrate, heal, nourish and moisturize your lips for a smoother, softer and younger appearance.
  • It provides long-lasting comfort. It was formulated with the use of a butter-rich formula that keeps the lips comfortable all-day long.
  • It creates a better appearance. By keeping in mind the numerous ingredients used in formulating this balm and the variety of benefits that they promise, the forever tinted lip balm will improve your appearance. It helps to lock in moisture to make your lips look smoother, fuller and much younger. You’ll be looking much better in no time.
  • It is formulated with different ingredients with each of them designed to nourish the skin. It is loaded with different nourishing oils and butter such as Mango Seed Butter, Shea Butter, Coconut oil and Abyssinian Oil.
  • It is cruelty-free and doesn’t irritate the skin or lead to any side effects. The zero irritation may be due to the fact that only nourishing oils and butter were used in the production of this balm.
  • It is available in different color shades. This lip balm is available in different color shades that allow ladies to express their style at their events. A long list of color shades will ensure that you keep things unique as you prepare for that next event. Even better, the tinted lip balm is now available in the three new shades, namely; MWAH (Burgundy), Shh! (Nude Brown) and XOXO (Brown). These new shades allow you a better chance to flaunt your style.

The Best Balm Forever (BBF) Tinted Lip Balm has proved to be a very good option to protect your lips and keep you looking younger. Make use of it to your next event and have everyone glancing in your direction. You can also look to try out our Power Oils Lip Gloss or Brighten Up! Glow Boosting Serum to achieve that near-perfect look.

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