VASANTI EYES – A closer look at some of our eye products

Vasanti has established itself as one of the top brands in the skincare and cosmetic market. Basically, they have continuously delivered impressive products to different ethnicities around the world. In their 20-year history, they have consistently focused on maintaining standards in the quality of their production. They have managed to come up with innovative ways to keep all our customers satisfied. It is with this same impressive quality of products that they offer you an amazing range of eyeliners, suited for everyone. These eyeliners promise to make your eyes sparkle and eliminate any dullness, making your lashes appear much fuller after just one use. Trust us, you’ll be glowing in no time.

According to an old adage, eyes are the key to the soul and there are very few ideas to dispute that. In recent times, eyes have even started to become more important as fashion statements for women. Clearly, no lady wants to be caught having dark and dull eyes because it makes them appear much older and tired looking. They have seemingly embraced the beauty which can be unleashed by paying proper attention to the eyes. Most women have begun the search for the eyeliners that will transform their eyes and make them appear ageless. Obviously, there are a lot of options in markets around the world but everyone craves quality. Yes, the average woman wants to look beautiful with the least amount of effort. When it comes to quality in eyeliners, there is no doubt that Vasanti has produced some very impressive eyeliners…but what exactly makes them so special? Lets take a closer look:

Kajal Waterline Eyeliner Pencil

This is a special eyeliner which is to be applied to the waterline of the eyes. It also beautifies the inner rim of the eyes. In no time, your lashes will look fuller and you’ll appear more attractive. Unlike other eyeliners, this doesn’t cause irritation to the eyes. It ensures maximum comfort for the entire duration that you’ll be wearing it. It promises to brighten up your eyes and give you that youthful look. It utilizes a creamy, easy-glide formula that makes it easy to apply and a matte finish that keeps it on your face all day long. It can be applied to every part of the eyes; even the delicate areas.


  • It has no side effects or irritations in the eye.
  • It is safe to use for sensitive eyes
  • It is made to sit on the inner rim of the eyes to make your lashes appear fuller.
  • It was formulated without any harsh chemicals.

Cleopatra Black Liquid Eyeliner

This is a unique liquid black eyeliner. This eyeliner helps to make the eyelash fuller with a specially designed brush that allows for precise application. This special brush makes it easier to apply the eyeliner into a different variety of styles. You can use it to create the winged or neutral eyeliner look every day.


  • Specially designed brush for precise application.
  • Matte finish for a lasting effect
  • Smudge-proof and sweat-proof
  • It causes no irritation

Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner

This is a matte black liquid eyeliner that utilizes a special felt tip applicator. This special application makes it easy to apply it stylishly and to create any eyeliner look. The pointed tip of the applicator makes it easy to reach those far corners of the eyes for a near-perfect application. The matte finish allows it to last all day long. It is perfect f for a 24-hour application.


  • Felt tip allows for a more precise application.
  • It is safe for sensitive eyes
  • Tested and approved by ophthalmologists and dermatologists around the world.

Kajal Extreme Intense Eyeliner Pencil

This creamy pencil eyeliner is perfect for an all-day long application. When applying this eyeliner, it will easily glide along the waterline of your eyes. When applied, it offers a long-lasting, waterproof finish. It comes with an extra smudge tool that can be used to achieve a smoky eye. It is also used by professionals for a subtle drama and a subtle sophistication in the look. It is also used by the pros for runways and master classes.


  • High-intensity shades for 24-hour application.
  • Long-lasting and water resistant.
  • Creamy formula for easy and gentle application
  • Rich in vitamin E
  • Causes no irritation to the eyes

Kajal Eyeliner & Cleopatra Liquid Eyeliner

These eyeliners make it easy to master the new tightening trend. All you need to do is to apply the Kajal Waterline Eyeliner to the upper and lower waterline of the eyes. The Cleopatra liquid eyeliner is also perfect for this. It is a product package which makes being beautiful easy. This mastered eyeliners will make you appear like a queen with little effort. You’ll be the talk of the evening and all eyes will be on you.

Benefits of both eyeliners

  • Instant transformation of your eyes.
  • Can comfortably be used on the waterline of your eyes with no irritation.
  • It can safely be used for sensitive eyes.
  • It wasn’t formulated with any harsh chemicals.
  • Special brush for easy application
  • Long-lasting matte finish
  • Smudge-proof and sweat-proof
  • Approved by dermatologist and ophthalmologists.

Dynamic Brow Duo & Kajal Waterline Eyeliner

This product package consists of a brow duo with wax and powder and our award-winning kajal waterline eyeliner. This kit will help you add a lot of shape to your brows. This kit comes with a brow duo that helps you add a lot of color and style to your brows and lets you seal them with wax. Brow duo kit comes with a grooming kit that helps you maintain your brows all day long. It will transform your eyes with zero irritation.

Benefits of the kit

  • Transforms your eyes into a youthful and energetic look.
  • Comfortably sits on the waterline of your eyes with zero irritation.
  • It can safely be used by sensitive eyes.
  • Formulated without the use of chemicals.
  • Helps to create perfect brows.
  • Comes with grooming tools.
  • Approved by dermatologists and ophthalmologist.

Brighten Up! Face & Eye

This product kit has been put together make your face and eyes appear better. This kit consists of Vasanti’s #1 selling Brighten Up! exfoliator and our award-winning Kamal waterline eyeliner. It allows you to take care of yourself without ignoring your eyes. The Brighten Up! Exfoliator will brighten up your skin, remove dead cells and deal with different facial conditions. While the Kajal Waterline Eyeliner will make your eyes appear youthful and attractive. Both products are made from skin-friendly materials.

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