Do lip plumpers actually work?

The answer might just surprise you! 

Plump lips seem to be all the rage, I see adverts for lip injections in almost every magazine I read. From the infamous Kylie Jenner pout to my daughters friends- it’s a fact: everyone seems to want plump lips. 

I have however automatically ruled out lip injections due to to the hefty price tag, possible risks AND I hate needles! Nope I won’t do it even for vanity! 

The next best bet for a plump pout: lip plumpers. But do lip plumpers actually work? I’ve tried them all: lip plumpers with bee venom, cayenne pepper, peppermint, hot pepper etc. They all made my lips tingle, so I thought they must be working! To my disappointment, it was a short lived effect. 

So I embarked on a journey to find lip plumpers that were inexpensive and had some long terms benefits. This is where the Vasanti’s Hyaluronic Boost Lip Plumper caught my eye & did something incredible to my pout! 

Hyaluronic Boost Lip Plumper $26

The Hyaluronic Boost Lip Plumper also has a pretty impressive peptide called Maxi-lip which not only stimulates collagen production but also boosts hyaluronic acid. Which is important because as we age we lose collagen and hyaluronic which results in volume loss. To my surprise Hyaluronic is used in lip injections and derma fillers. Hyaluronic is shrunk into tiny spheres and once applied topically they expand to deliver hydration and plump the skin/lips. Maxi-lip helps boost collagen in our lips(collagen is also used in lip injections!) to help pump up the volume in our lips. 

If that wasn’t impressive enough the Hyaluronic Boost Lip Plumper is also formulated with a peptide called Vollulip which is made to plump and smooth the lips. Fine lines around the lips will make your lips appear smaller.  The smoothing effect of Vollulip helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and improves the overall appearance of your lips.

Portulaca Pilosa, which is a plant extract rich in Vitamin C & Vitamin E is used in the formula for anti-aging. Raspberry, Peach and Jojoba Oil Complex is also used to provide anti-oxidant properties.

You’re probably wondering is this lip plumper going to cost an arm & a leg? Nope, just $26 for 12g and available in 3 shades!

So does the Hyaluronic Boost Lip Plumper actually work? YES! I used it for 28 days to treat my lips  as recommended and found my lips noticeably plumper, smoother and super hydrated. The texture of the lip plumper wasn’t sticky nor goopy, it felt soft and smooth. Felt kinda nice to hear my daughter’s friends compliment my “new” lips! 


Watch Alicia apply all 3 shades of Vasanti’s Hyaluronic Boost Lip Plumper!

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