How to liquid bake for FLAWLESS SKIN in under 2 minutes!


Baking? Don’t mind if I do… First you will need a measuring cup, a mixing bowl, chocolate chips, eggs, flour … No, not that kind of baking….  

We are talking about the baking we do on our faces! The latest trend in makeup is placing a thick layer of powder on your face, letting it sit (this is where the baking comes into play) and then blending. 

Now watch carefully, you’re about to learn liquid baking! Yes, no powders, liquid! This revolutionary makeup tip will give you coverage like you’ve never seen before, blurs fine lines and it takes less than 2 minutes to achieve. All you need is your Liquid VO2 Colour Corrector, 202 Flat Foundation Brush, face base powder and your dark under eye circles.  

Hemali Mistry, IG: hemali.mistry (Ready to Glow)

Step 1: Apply LVO2 in a V shape underneath the eyes – we call this ‘Do The V’ 

Step 2; Fill in the V shape with LVO2 

Step 3: Set your timer for 10-20 seconds, sing a song, fill in your brows, admire your beauty.. you get the point 

*Leaving LVO2 underneath the eyes for 10-20 seconds helps builds coverage without having to apply layers of product AND doesn’t sit in fine lines/wrinkles underneath the eyes!  

Step 4: Gently push the product into your skin with the 202 brush and blend away  

Step 5: Finish with Face Base Powder Foundation, brush product all over face and voila!

I’m about to liquid bake, who wants to join? 

P.S. this genius method of baking was invented by Pinki! 

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