Your Favorite MATTE CRUSHES in hot NEW Shades

Vasanti has stayed relevant as a brand which has maintained its standards in skincare and cosmetic products. Basically, we has consistently produced an impressive number of products that transform our ladies and unlocks their inner beauty. Vasanti is a versatile brand and offers a range from lipsticks to eyeliners and even face exfoliators. Our brand has an extensive product list and one of its impressive products is the Vasanti Matte Crush Lipstick Pencil. It is a product with a lot of fascinating features and offers fantastic benefits. It is designed to produce a very smooth and full look. Regardless of the matte look, it will keep your lips hydrated and prevents it from drying up or getting parched. This lipstick offers protection for the lips of ladies and another of its fantastic benefits is the variety of colour shades which it offers you. It allows ladies to express their style. The variety of options made available to ladies is amazing and to top it all up, our company has added three new shades to add more glow to its ladies. This means 3 more shades and style options have been added to the collection. Now, this is great news and let’s have a look at why.

Colour shades of lipsticks are surprisingly powerful enough to dictate a lady’s outfit, appearance and appeal. Different shades help to create a variety of effects. Originally, the Matte Crush Liquid Lipstick Pencil offers 7 shades namely; Berry Kiss First, (Rich Plum Berry), In the buff (nude brown), It’s your mauve (Rose Mauve), Natural High (Nude Beige), Red X (Classic Red), Rosy Pout (Medium Pink Brown) and Va Va Voom! (Dark Brown). These variants were continuously used by Vasanti ladies to create their dream looks. The colour shades offered subtlety, sharpness and dullness to the appearance of the modern-day lady. As if that wasn’t enough, Vasanti added three attractive shades to the pack. It’s fair to say that these three new variants are a must-have. Yes, they are as impressive as the other variants but they offer even more. And here is why.

The three new additions to the Matte Crush Lipstick Pencil are Blushing (Natural Pink), Dozen Roses (Rose Berry) and Peachy Keen (Natural Peach). Each of these shades is special and helps to add different options to the modern-day lady. These new variants have been added to provide the modern-day woman with a lot more options to express her style and identity. When applied, each of these shades doesn’t disappoint on what it promises to offer. It is safe to say that the effect of each colour is unique and provides a very satisfying appearance. Take your makeup to a whole different level with this chance at variety. Amazing right? They offer a style that virtually changes everything and leaves you satisfied with the results.

Blushing. This natural pink colour shade helps to make your lips appear faint and subtle pink. It helps to tone down the face and is quite close to a natural look. This colour shade was inspired by the trend to appear natural. It helps to give a simple look and is a very good choice for a casual day or event. It would make you fit in simply and leaves you with no worries about your outfit for an event. The Blushing colour variant is quite simple and adds a degree of subtlety to your appearance. Ladies can receive solace in the fact that their colour shade is a natural pink and blends well with a good number of outfits. When applied, it gives a soothing and calming effect and it is a very good colour shade to add to fully enjoy the traits of this brand. With this shade, you’ll surely get stuck and there’s no going back.

This colour shade is a near-perfect choice for ladies with a medium skin tone. It seamlessly blends with the skin and everything is made much better. With the blushing variant, your dinners, casual events or meetings are covered.

Dozen Roses. Roses are an age-long symbol of love and passion. Roses have also been used to mark reputable events all over history and it remains one of the most valuable and symbolic flowers all over the world. It also helps to strike identity with its red features and has earned itself a special place among the others. Basically, this colour shade was formulated for ladies to express a symbolic type of style while maintaining their youthful look.

The dozen roses colour shade will brighten up your look and make you appear energetic. Now, this peculiar colour shade shows the amount of intensity to make you look stunning with minimal efforts. Dozen Roses is a very good option to help to brighten up your evening. It can be used to achieve that “reddish pink” look which speaks all about youth and vibrancy. Application of the Dozen Roses colour shade is used to make a bold statement due to its bright colour. This variant also makes the lips appear softer, smoother and fuller. In no time, you’ll look like a diva or a professional model and will stun everything with your glow. It can be worn to a good number of events including balls, dinners, weddings and so on. Set yourself apart with this and slowly become a symbol of beauty just like a rose.

Peach Keen. This natural peach colour shade is the next big deal for ladies looking to stay trendy. Do you want to appear as natural as possible with makeup? This lipstick pencil colour shade can help with that. Its smoothness ensures that it sticks to the skin without being too obvious. It helps ladies to create the “no-makeup” look. The Peach Keen doesn’t transform your looks or appearance, rather it unlocks the inner beauty in you. This colour shade was formulated for the “natural” lovers or ladies just looking to try something new. The subtlety of this variant is such that it offers unmatched smoothness that takes the attention away from your lips. Feel free to explore with your makeup and outfit when putting on this shade. It allows you to wear makeup comfortably with a toned-down, yet pigment-rich colour. A natural look on a cool evening would basically change everything and make you feel more comfortable. If you don’t want to overdo it, reach for this variant.

The 3 new colour shades from Vasanti have threatened to change everything. These special lipstick colour variantz pay a lot of attention to detail and were formulated to create a level of style that speaks volumes. Set your personal style with these new shades and get ready to take on the world.

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