Enhance Your Look With Highlighters

It would not be wrong to predict that every woman’s make up contains a compact labeled as a highlighter. Especially fashionistas and professional models who always carry a highlighter in their beauty pouch because they know how easily it can make a dull skin glow within seconds.

Well, how does a highlighter work? It is basically a makeup product which lights up the face by attracting light and giving the illusion of height and brightness. Most of the celebrities apply it with contouring to lift or push back face features. However, highlighting cannot be mixed with contouring; both have their separate makeup procedures. Given below are a few guidelines that will help you in applying highlighter to perfection.

1. Choose highlighter by using a blend of gold and silver

Highlighters should always be chosen according to skin complexion tone. A combination of gold and silver is the best highlighter shade for your face. You will never go wrong with this shade because it’s been tested and proven ideal for all skin tones. You don’t need to just use gold or silver alone to achieve your desired highlight. Using a blend of both will do the trick anytime.

2. Use brushes instead of fingers

Highlighters can be applied from hands but if you want a flawless look then it is highly recommended to apply it from the brush. Different brushes provide controlled application on different features of the face. For example, Vasanti’s fan brush from its stubby collection is the perfect highlighter tool around. It’s the perfect tool for highlighting your cheeks and making those cheekbones pop. Meanwhile, a denser blender brush is more useful for highlighting smaller areas using cream formulas.

3. Apply highlighter in all the right places

Excess of everything is bad; same is the case with highlighting. If your whole face is covered with highlighter then it will only make your face portray a sweating look. However, if applied in the right places the highlighter will make your face features prominent and shine.

In order to attain a face with beautiful features give your cheekbones a high look by applying highlighter on the top just off to the side of the area under eyes. Keep in mind to have a finger’s width distance between highlighter’s shimmer and eyes. If you want to enhance and brighten your eye shape then applying it around tear duct or dotting onto the eyelids center will give you your desired look.

If you want to uplift eyebrows dabbing highlighter below the arch of eyebrows is highly recommended. A slimmer nose appearance can be achieved by swiping highlighter down to the center of the bridge. A great pout look can also be attained with the help of applying highlighter in the bow of lips.

Useful Application Tips for Highlighting

Highlighting it not about aimlessly brushing your forehead and cheeks with highlighter product, in fact, it is about being calculated and cautious in your highlighting application so that your face doesn’t turn into an unpleasant mess. Given below are useful application tips for highlighting your face with the help of highlighter product.

  • Selecting the right tool makes quite a difference in the application of highlighter. For cheekbones settle for a tapered medium brush and for layering of products spread over the accent highlighter on top with the help of a fan brush.
  • Smaller tools should be used for highlighting application purpose on smaller areas. There are many great choices for small area application like the center of the nose, eyes corner and brow bone. Pour a pea size amount of highlighter on the back side of the hand and then blend it with light hands on smaller areas of the face with the right brush. Reapply if required.
  • Sponges are more appropriate for the application of highlighters with a creamy texture. Small sponges make sure that the blending is accurate. If highlighters are in the form of the cream stick then it is recommended to apply it before foundation. But if you are persistent to apply the foundation first, then use the sponge to apply cream illuminator so that the makeup is not disturbed.
  • Always keep a check on the amount of highlighting product applied on the face because it is easier to build up but it is quite difficult to remove excess product. Therefore practice a light hand especially with powder highlighting formulas by tapping the excess off the brush.

Mixing Technique

Mix highlighter with foundation before application. This is the easiest mixing method that can be used for giving your face a glowing, natural and subtle look in everyday life. Given below are the detailed steps for mixing procedure.

  1. Decide the highlighter shade that matches your skin tone. While choosing the highlighting formula keep in mind to select something with has nice sheer finishing and is not very glittery. Then mix equal amounts of liquid highlighter and liquid foundation on the hand’s back. The total mixture amount should be approximately equal to the size of a dime.
  • Place mixture’s dots on cheeks, nose, forehead, and neck. Blend it all over skin smoothly with the help of an appropriate brush, damp cosmetic sponge or beauty blender. Be sure that the mixture is evenly distributed on both face and neck and does not form patches or harsh lines in the edges.

Body Highlighter

Body highlighters are usually different from the ones used on the face. Where to apply on the body depends on your preference. The purpose of its application is usually highlighting or defining certain body parts. For collarbone and shoulder parts, stick highlighter with creamy texture is mostly preferred.

Glow inducing creams use suitable for highlighting larger body parts like arms and legs. While applying highlighter on larger areas, keep in mind to spread the formula evenly and completely. Otherwise, patches and streaks of formula will form on the body.

Choosing the right highlighter

There are many highlighters in the market today but Vasanti astro highlighter is the runaway winner in this department. To start, this highlighter is suited for all types of skin tones. That’s because the product blended gold and silver together for effortless highlighting no matter what your skin tone is.

There are many benefits to using Vasanti astro highlighter. First, it’s made of a butterfly-soft formula which feels weightless on the skin when applied. Next, it offers a pearly-golden payoff that will complement any makeup look. Moreover, it provides you with that natural looking glow the whole day. Most importantly, it’s ideal for all skin tones.

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